QS Sustainability 2023: Ca’ Foscari 81st Sustainable Institution worldwide


QS Sustainability 2023 is a new ranking that monitors and evaluates what universities do, and the extent of their action, in the field of sustainability. In what ways are universities tackling great environmental issues, and how much are they promoting sustainable development through teaching, research, and the involvement of the academic community?

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice has been included in the first edition of this ranking, which considered 700 universities in all four continents, achieving the overall rank 321-240 worldwide (and 12th in Italy).

Ca’ Foscari has achieved an excellent result in the “Sustainable Institutions” field, ranking 81st worldwide and 2nd in Italy. This parameter measures the degree to which universities contribute to a more sustainable future, both by reducing their environmental impact and by having a social impact, promoting the culture of sustainability in the academic community and among stakeholders.

The ranking focuses on two indicators: Environmental Impact (Ca’ Foscari is 259th worldwide) and Social Impact (483rd worldwide), which in turn are made up of eight parameters. 

Among the 31 Italian universities ranked in QS Sustainability 2023, Ca’ Foscari is 12th, showing a particularly good performance in the above-mentioned “Sustainable Institutions” (2nd), “Impact of Education” (10th), “Equality” (11th) and “Sustainable Education” (12th).