The residence complex from Ponte Solesin

San Giobbe's residential complex will open in September

The 2021/22 academic year will feature the opening of the new student residential complex in Venice. The complex, which is the completion of the largest university campus in Venice in the area of San Giobbe, will offer accommodation for 229 people as well as facilities and spaces open to the local community.

Following a European competition, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice entrusted the management of the building to DoveVivo, the largest co-living company in Europe. DoveVivo manages over 1,500 buildings, 9 student residences and 8,000 beds in 15 European cities. 

The Rector, Tiziana Lippiello, has welcomed the news, stating, “I am delighted to know that the San Giobbe residential complex is going to become available in September, just as our students return to Venice after a long period of forced absence.

The residence is aesthetically pleasant and has obviously been planned in detail for the academic and social needs of the students who are going to use it. Its location is incomparable: the building overlooks the lagoon and is within the Economics Campus, which is an architectural gem that we are proud of. All of this has involved an investment that is really important to us and that we hope will attract an ever-growing number of Italian and international students to Venice, not only to expand our community, but especially to enrich it. 

Residential opportunities are one of our priorities and will therefore continue to be at the heart of our political strategies in years to come.”  

Valerio Fonseca, Co-Founder and CEO of DoveVivo, has stated, “We are proud to offer our co-living solutions to a city as special as Venice. Venice is a symbol of Italy’s artistic heritage and it has always been a crossroads of international cultures. We wish to thank Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for joining us in believing that we can offer young students a unique place to get together, to share experiences and learning opportunities in a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. For DoveVivo, working in the capital of the Veneto region means we are exporting the co-living model and our high-quality standards to a multifaceted historic city.”

The new residential complex

This new residential complex represents the completion of the San Giobbe Economics Campus. Ca’ Foscari has invested over €64 million in the campus, of which €20 million were allocated to accommodation. The complex includes seven five-story buildings, for a total of 6,600 square metres.

The ground floor will include facilities such as a bar-café and rehearsal studios for music and theatre, which will be open to the local community, as stipulated in an agreement between Ca’ Foscari and the Municipality of Venice. The remaining floors will host student rooms and services.

The view of the lagoon


The building is among the most “sustainable” buildings in Venice. It is an A2 energy-rated building with solar panels for heating and electricity, rainwater harvesting, and energy-saving technology. For example, bedroom windows are fitted with sensors that inhibit the functioning of the heating and cooling system if the windows are open. Moreover, presence detectors and brightness sensors allow for an optimal management of the lighting system in rooms and corridors.  

Architectural quality 

Materials, colours and textures (such as exposed brickwork, slightly oxidised copper roofing and curved tiles) have been selected to create harmony between the new complex and the existing campus, as well as with the Venetian context. 

The architect is professor Vittorio Spigai, who collaborated with architects Massimiliano Condotta and Maurizio Brufatto, and engineers Fausto Frezza and Pierluigi Da Col. The construction work was carried out by CMB, a company from Carpi. 

What the new residential complex offers 

The planning of spaces merges solutions proposed by DoveVivo in collaboration with Lombardini 22, a leading architecture studio in Italy which also works internationally. 

The Campus will offer single and twin en-suite rooms. Each room will be completely furnished and include everything necessary for students to use their rooms to study. 

The students who rent a room on campus will feel that they belong to a community thanks to the common areas which are designed to suit their needs: study rooms, living areas, the gym, the internal laundry room, the rooftop terrace with spectacular views of the lagoon and the inner courtyard with the café which will be open to the public. 

The monthly rent includes utilities, wi-fi, customer care, maintenance, 24/7 assistance, and a reception. There are a total of 229 beds available, of which 138 are reserved to students who qualify for the right to education scholarship. These students will be offered special prices: €375 per month for single rooms (10 rooms available) and €275 for twin rooms (128 beds in total). Standard prices are €475 for single rooms and €375 for twin rooms. Finally, 8 guest rooms will be available (€750 for single rooms and €600 for twin rooms).

For further information, contact DoveVivo Campus (from 15 July) or

The courtyard of the San Giobbe campus