Graduation Day in St Mark’s Square: photos from 11 November 


On Friday 11 November 2022, Ca’ Foscari celebrated a Graduation Day in St Mark’s Square for over 1,000 Ca’ Foscari students for the autumn session of a.y. 2021/2022 with two ceremonies.  

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Deputy Vice-Rector Antonio Marcomini welcomed the Ca' Foscari's graduates in his opening address:

“Here's some advice for your future. Be brave — believe in yourselves. Each of us is particularly strong in one field or another, so learn to deal with imperfection. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes — we all do. Mistakes are learning opportunities, so we shouldn’t fear them. Keep trying, and don’t give up, but make sure you understand the fine line between what is challenging and what is impossible. Don’t waste your time on impossible things, but do invest all of your energy in what is challenging. Try to make light of failure — it’s an opportunity to improve. What really matters is how quickly you get up after falling. 

We all change as life goes on. People who change are able to adapt and refashion themselves. Remember that in todays world, teamwork really makes a difference. The people you will collaborate with will be invaluable. Do things that other people don’t do. Dare to be different.”

Today would have been the graduation day for Alessandro Tabaku, a student who passed away prematurely a few weeks ago. During the morning ceremony, Alessandro’s diploma was given to his brother.

The ceremonies featured brief speeches by Giorgia Pea and Simone Venturini from the City of Venice.