'Partecipa Ca' Foscari', your ideas can make a difference


"Partecipa Ca' Foscari" is a new online platform dedicated to collecting suggestions and ideas from the Ca' Foscari community with the goal of improving people's well-being and protecting the environment.

Any member of Ca' Foscari - faculty, technical-administrative staff, and students - can access the platform through their unive account, and submit project proposals. Projects may focus on issues such as developing public spaces and university venues, and they may involve the community in various ways around topics such as sustainability, culture, health and well-being, solidarity, and sports.

Participatory processes currently open and available are: 'University Spaces,' 'University Services,' and 'Working and Studying at Ca' Foscari'.

In addition to submitting ideas falling within these areas, you will be able to vote on other people’s ideas, as well as comment and discuss, or suggest improvements. The most popular proposals will be shared with the competent offices, and regular updates will be provided on their feasibility and progress. All participatory processes of this initial phase will be concluded by April 30th, 2024."

“‘Partecipa Ca' Foscari' is a great opportunity to develop ideas and share proposals, promoting a sense of community and belonging" says Rector Tiziana Lippiello. "In a spirit of sharing and collaboration, I hope this tool will be met with enthusiasm and active participation by all members of our community. Together, we can improve our workspace and the way we experience it. Every idea is welcome, and we are committed to engaging with all of them."

"The functions of this new platform," says Elena Semenzin, the Rector's Delegate for Sustainability, "promote informed and active participation, and this falls within the scope of the new processes for the reorganization of integrated communication, in line with multilevel Open Government directives. I am proud to say that we are the first Italian university to develop a project of this kind. For this reason, I want to thank all the people who have worked hard to make it possible."

Partecipa Ca’ Foscari is managed by Ca' Foscari Sostenibile. For more information, please contact:  sostenibile@unive.it