Promote scientific advance, by undertaking highest quality research to address global questions and deliver acknowledged impact within across diverse disciplines;

Foster a transformative learning experience, based on dedicated scholarly teaching, a research—inspired, demand-led curriculum and an engaging student life;

Attract an open, international community of scholars and students at the very heart of one of the world’s most stunning location;

Act as an accountable, anchor institution, capitalizing on culture and academic excellence to promote civic innovation and economic growth

Sustainable Ca' Foscari is the University program which works to promote sustainability and include it as a perspective within all University activities.

This commitment is included in the University Statute and the results are presented to its stakeholders annually in the Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Board

Ca’ Foscari’s Sustainability Board is composed of the Department Delegates and two students' rapresentatives. The Board is responsible for outlining and promoting sustainability strategies, working in partnership with the Rector’s Delegate for Sustainability. The Board’s aim is to define a shared vision among the Departments, in order to strengthen the university’s commitment to achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda. It does this by enhancing the good practices which are already being implemented and proposing new projects, taking into account the diversity and variety of Ca’ Foscari’s community. 

Elena Semenzin
Delegated to Sustainability

Marco Bortoluzzi
Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems' Delegate for Sustainability

Edy Fantinato
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics' Delegate for Sustainability

Vera Costantini
Department of Asian and North African Studies' Delegate for Sustainability

Federica Maria Giovanna Timeto
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage's Delegate for Sustainability

Carlo Giupponi
Department of Economics' Delegate for Sustainability

Cristina Tonghini
Department of Humanities' Delegate for Sustainability

Francesco Rullani
Department of Management's Delegate for Sustainability

Annalisa Colombino
Interdepartmental School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship's Delegate for Sustainability

Massimo Stella
Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies' Delegate for Sustainability

Sarah Devecchi
PhD Student

Iris Quartarone
Master's degree student