M'illumino di meno

Since 2009, Ca’ Foscari University has joined the "m'illumino di meno" initiative, a yearly national campaign that promotes energy saving and efficiency, launched by radio program Caterpillar.
Each year, our University carries out numerous activities to raise awareness on topics like responsible use of resources and sustainable lifestyles, directly engaging students, professors and staff members in various activities and showing  virtuous behavior that could help reduce our impact on the environment.

The theme of the 2024 campaign is "No Borders". The campaign is dedicated to looking ahead, "turning off" borders and forging international alliances. The entire Ca' Foscari community is invited to reduce its energy consumption by turning off unnecessary lights in the buildings, especially on Friday, 16 February. In addition, faculty will be able to devote a few minutes of their classes to the themes promoted by the national campaign.

Low impact dinner

Ca' Foscari, in collaboration with ESU - the Regional Entity for Student Financial Aid and Services and Sarca Catering srl, has organized a low impact dinner on the evening of Friday, February 16. The dinner will take place at the Rio Novo cafeteria with a special "green" menu dedicated to international students and Ca' Foscari students who have returned from abroad.

The initiative is organized under the auspices of the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS)

Last update: 17/04/2024