Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities

The Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities (VeDPH) is part of the Department of Humanities of Ca' Foscari University of Venice. It supports the development, accessibility and dissemination of research and teaching in the Digital (DH) and Public Humanities (PH) by facilitating exchange and coordination between existing experiences and by inspiring new projects.


  • collaborates in various research projects with local, national and international partner institutions 
  • coordinates the current master in DH and organizes summer school and the new degree
  • set up a series of events interesting for researchers, students and people
[ve]DPH - Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities


Safeguarding digital archives of Italian writers - ALDINa project launched to preserve digital literary heritage

ALDiNa (Archivi Letterari Digitali Nativi) aims at providing new theoretical frameworks, methods and best practices for preserving and accessing native digital data from the literary field. As a first step, the project will map out Italian archives and institutions holding outdated electronic machines or collections of born-digital documents from those contemporanean authors who since the early 80s of the last century have been among the first writers to swap their typewriter for a personal computer. Colleagues of the VeDPH are actively involved in this important enterprise to safeguard our digital literary heritage for future generations of textual scholars and readers to come. Under the auspices of AIUCD and supported by CLARIN-IT, ALDINa is co-organized by Tiziana Mancinelli and Federico Boschetti.

È sempre la stessa storia! Roma antica tra ricerca scientifica e Public History

To whom can Roman History talk today? Why is antiquity interesting for collectivity? What are the modalities of transmission of such memory among a public other than the academic one, both for contents and communication forms? What is the relationship between research and popular dissemination? These are the questions that the speakers of this public lecture series will address. The series is organized by Francesca Rohr Vio and Alessandra Valentini in collaboration with the Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities at the Department of Humanities. The lectures will be delivered in Italian. Massimo Blasi, Livia Capponi, and Maria Leonarda Leone, authors of historical fiction novels and journalists for history magazines and for the history sections of national newspapers, will discuss these topics in the light of their own experience, in which research outcomes become a collective patrimony.

archeodata picture
Behind the scenes: Digital Archaeological Data. Tools and practices

The online workshop aims to investigate the problem of archaeological data, especially regarding the challenges that nowadays the digital world presents to researchers and professionals. In the last decades, we have seen a drastic change in tools and methods used to manage data in the archaeological field. In order to explore this topic, the workshop is divided in two parts: in the morning there will be three presentations from experts talking about their personal experiences with digital archaeology, while the afternoon will be public oriented, open to present personal projects, share doubts and problems, discuss new ideas and engage with experts and colleagues about these issues.

VeDPH Autumn Seminars Series Online

The VeDPH is continuing its seminar series in Digital and Public Humanities in an online format.
The autumn cycle includes seminars on a wide range of topics: from digital and public art history to literature machine learning, from public archaeology to management of cultural heritage, from public history to digital classics. The online seminars, which begin on 30 September, are open to all and free of charge. Attendance and participation so far have always been good and showed a strong interest even beyond Ca’ Foscari and Italy.