Mission, partners, team

The activities of the Centre will address to support and encourage the improvement, accessibility and dissemination of advanced projects on the field of Digital and Public Humanities. Fostering collaboration between students, researchers and agencies engaged in the field of DH and PH and enhancing the contamination between areas, the mission of the Centre will focus on new models, experimental methods and practices  on learning.
In order to enforce the dialogue and relationships between academia and labour market it will be created a specific technical committee as a main counseling point for students of Humanities and Social Sciences.



Stimulate an interdisciplinary methodological discourse to serve as foundation for the collaborative development of durable, reusable, shared resources for research and learning


Methodological awareness, collaboration and interoperability through openness

Research fields

Digital Textual Scholarship, Digital and Public Art History, Digital and Public History, Digital Cultural Heritage  and Digital and Public Archeology


Facilitate coordination between Digital and Public projects within the Ca' Foscari University and between international DH and PH centres

Broadcast DH and PH

Open access journal, conferences, workshops 


Integrate Digital and Public Humanities in all educational courses; encourage cooperation between school and academia.

Training for DH skills

Organizations of courses for professionals in fields such as GLAM, education, research, new media

Members and affiliated



Franz Fischer
Associate Professor for Medieval and Humanist Latin Literature


Federico Bernardini
Assistant Professor in Archeology

Stefano Dall'Aglio
Associate Professor in Early Modern History

Holger Essler
Associate Professor in Papyrology

Diego Mantoan
Assistant Professor in Contemporary Art History

Stefania De Vincentis
Assistant Professor in Contemporary Art History

Elisa Corrò
DH Research Facilitator, CH Communication Specialist & Public Archaeologist




Benedetta Bessi
Researcher in Digital Cultural Heritage



Daniele Fusi
Researcher in Digital Textual Scholarship

Tiziana Mancinelli
Researcher in Textual Scholarship

Barbara Tramelli
Researcher in Digital Art History



Paolo Berti
Researcher in Digital Art History



Agnese Macchiarelli
Researcher in Digital Textual Scholarship



Flavia Bruni
Researcher in Public History



Francesca Dolcetti
Researcher in Digital Archeology

Pat Tanner,
Researcher in Digital Archeology,

Paolo Cirio,
Visiting Research Fellow for Media Studies, Investigative Art and Public Engagement

Roman Bleier,
Researcher in Digital History

Lisa Dieckmann,
Researcher in Digital Art History

Visiting Professors

Visiting Artist

Juan Zamora, Nomadic Artist,

Visiting Scholars

Angelo Mario Del Grosso, CNR-Institute for Computational Linguistics "A. Zampolli",  angelo.delgrosso@ilc.cnr.it

Carolina Fernández-Castrillo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Digital Culture and Media Arts Researcher,  carolfer@hum.uc3m.es

Dániel Kiss, University of Barcelona, Faculty of Philology and Communication, Ramón y Cajal Fellow,  kiss@ub.edu

Ioannis Pavlopoulos, Stockholms Universitet, researcher in Computer Science   ioannis@dsv.su.se

Tiago GilUniversidade de Brasília, researcher in Digital History  tiagoluisgil@gmail.com 

Nevio Danelon, Duke University, researcher in Digital Archaeology  nevio.danelon@duke.edu

PhD Candidates

Former staff members and guests

Leonardo Campus, fellow in Digital and Public History,  leonardo.campus@uniroma3.it. Project: I Conti con la Storia

Deborah Paci, Assistant Professor in Contemporary History and Digital Public History,  deborah.paci@unive.it

Linda Spinazzè, DH Research Facilitator,  linda.spinazze@unive.it 

Alberto Campagnolo, visiting scholar, Research Associate of UCLDH & the UCL Dept. of Information Studies,  alberto.campagnolo@gmail.com

Paolo Monella, visiting scholar, Sapienza University of Rome, Assistant Professor in Latin and Digital Humanities  paolo.monella@uniroma1.it

Andrea Nanetti, visiting scholar, Nanyang Technological University, Researcher in Digital History  nanetti.andrea@gmail.com