Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities

The Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities (VeDPH) is part of the Department of Humanities of Ca' Foscari University of Venice. It supports the development, accessibility and dissemination of research and teaching in the Digital (DH) and Public Humanities (PH) by facilitating exchange and coordination between existing experiences and by inspiring new projects.


  • collaborates in various research projects with local, national and international partner institutions 
  • coordinates the current master in DH and organizes summer school and the new degree
  • set up a series of events interesting for researchers, students and people
[ve]DPH - Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities


Master’s degree in Digital and Public Humanities: call 2021/2022

The Master’s degree in Digital and Public Humanities is supported by the Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities Research Group and is a collaboration between the Department of Humanities, the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department of Informatics and Statistics, the Department of Economics and the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies. The Masters programme is unique as it builds on the reputation and experience of the Humanities at Ca’ Foscari and combines this with the new technology specializations.


HOUSe PROJECT WORKSHOP#3: Sources and #urbanonto building

The HOUSe consortium - Historical Ontology of Urban Spaces - a collaborative partner project funded by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) carries on with 3-days workshop online (June 9-11, 2021). The workshop subject is mapping of data structure from the Urban HomeBase, semantics from the urbanonto ontology and a semantics of the selected city plans from the Historic Town Atlases. If you are interested in the topic please email to 

Numbers&Culture. A Digital Humanities project

The Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities and the Department of Humanities are involved in Numbers&Culture, a project that aims to promote Cultural Heritage of the Venice countryside fostering the contamination between academic world and community. The challenge focuses on an interdisciplinary research that includes: an open data search on the web as a way to describe with numbers the features of the present landscape; a collection of historical memories; a past-present comparison of the landscape changes by uploading pictures on the Instagram channel of the project.

Greek Epigraphy: Laboratory’s digital projects

The Laboratory of Greek Epigraphy presents its research projects (AXON, CRINS, Venice Squeeze Project) and offers some tutorials to use the key online resources for Greek Epigraphy. The videos, produced in collaboration with the VeDPH, are available now at Members’ project: Greek Epigraphy - YouTube.