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BLISS, Digital Impact Lab

I’m Gaia […] And the ground. And those trees. And that rabbit over there in the grass. And the man you can see through the trees. The whole planet and everything on it is Gaia. We’re all individuals - we’re all separate organisms - but we all share an overall consciousness. The inanimate planet does so least of all, the various forms of life to a varying degree, and human beings most of all - but we all share (Bliss).

Isaac Asimov, Foundation’s Edge, 1982


BLISS - Digital Impact Lab develops academic and applied research exploring the manifold impact of the digital transformation on citizens, consumers, firms, organizations, cities and society as a whole.

BLISS’ research focuses on opportunities and risks inherent to digital transformation for both data-intensive organizations as well as organizations that have not undertaken a full transition to the digital economy yet. In this regard we are not only interested in the strategic, organizational and business dimension of the digital transformation, but also we intend to understand its ethical implications, its effects on organizations’ social responsibility, and on environmental sustainability: what the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) calls ERS.

BLISS is a platform hosting an open research community. Its core members act as facilitators to build research networks, favoring knowledge sharing and creation of common projects, within the Lab and beyond it, linking to other disciplines, universities, firms, organizations, and institutions, in Italy and abroad.

In this short video, Francesco Rullani - director of BLISS -  explains how to generate an inclusive digital change (audio in Italian only).


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