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Economics and management of innovation and entrepreneurship

In the context of the post-2007 global financial crisis, new frameworks and tools need to be analysed and developed, such as circular and resilient economy, systemic and interactive innovation, bio-based products, and multi - actor approaches.
Moving towards a more competitive economy and  a resilient society requires a deeper understanding of current trends and the development of new tools for innovation management. Similarly, the global business revolution draws on digital innovation and the adoption of disruptive technologies, new business models,  and strategies based on creative thinking and deeper understanding of the growing volumes of data and information available.


Bio – based innovation, Business analytics, Business strategy, Circular economy, Competitiveness, Global value chains, Internet of things, Legal issues, Multi-actor approach and interactive innovation, Open innovation, Resilient economy, Strategic innovation, Systemic innovation, User-driven innovation

High-impact and award-winning projects

Cross-sectoral cooperation in culture and creative industry

The Culture and Creative Industry (CCI) sector lacks a transnational and cross-sectoral shared vision on what could be its contribution to economic and social growth in central Europe, along with a cooperation system to foster innovation processes. COCO4CCI project (Culture and Creative Industries Cooperation Collider) will build capacities for cross-sectoral cooperation in advanced manufacturing (AVM), by mapping CCI potentials aimed to create a transnational CCI collider network. A training programme will accompany facilitators in technology development, future trends setting and a mind-set definition in advanced manufacturing.

Researcher: Giovanni Vaia
Duration: 01/04/2019 - 31/03/2022