10 Mar 2022 14:35

CLAIRE empowers trustworth AI applications in the European Healthcare Sector

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CLAIRE empowers trustworth AI applications in the European Healthcare Sector 

AI & Healthcare: CLAIRE and HIPPO AI join forces in 2022 to empower open Medical AI  Innovation 
CLAIRE and Hippo AI Foundation will collaborate to support each other's activities and to create joint activities that benefit the European AI research and open medical AI ecosystems. Both organization intend enable the free flow of data and information, to facilitate AI knowledge and its use where it is most needed.
Their common goal is to ensure that communities of AI experts, practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, as well as citizens and notably patients have access to medical AI resources, such as data and pre-trained, clinically validated models.

Have a look at the recent press release!

Good to know: CLAIRE and HIPPO AI shared the stage for the German AI Award in fall 2021, receiving the Innovation Award for groundbreaking achievements in the research and development of AI.


The power of European co-creation: CLAIRE helps promote trustworthy AI as a foundation for European healthcare innovation  
On December 16th December 2021 the third Joint Theme Development Workshop (TDW) co-organised by CLAIRE, TAILOR and VISION on “AI for Future Healthcare” took place with the aim to develop and identify the most promising and emerging AI topics in the healthcare sector. The organising committe was composed by representatives from industry and academia, including  NTT Data, Philips, The Luxembourg Institute of Health, DFKI, TNO, University of Valencia and the ZHAW Center for Artificial Intelligence.

If you are curious about the results from this enriching workshop day for the European Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and innovation roadmap with experts from academia, industry and politics all over Europe, please have a look at the full report here.

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