06 Dec 2023 12:15

Meet the Expert | Corporate Finance & Financial institutions

San Giobbe - aula 2A

This event is part of the series of lectures "Meet the Expert", which is organised during classes at Venice School of Management. Here, managers, experts, and professionals, of national and international realities, deepen different topics through their direct experience.

Case study: analysis of customers' creditworthiness
by Cristina Ceccato, Innovation Partner, Fractional CFO, Ai in FinanceInnovation Partner - Elbrus & Blanc Consulting

November 17th - 3.45 pm
San Giobbe - aula 2A

Addressed to students of "Corporate Finance & Financial institutions - II", Prof. Elisa Cavezzali.


The event will be held in English

Organized by

Dipartimento di Management/ Venice School of Management

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