BUZZAVO Leonardo

Position Associate Professor
Telephone 041 234 8788
Fax 041 234 8701
Website (personal record)
Office Department of Management
Sito web struttura:
Where: San Giobbe
Office Interdepartmental School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship
Sito web struttura:
Where: Treviso - Palazzo San Paolo

Assenza / absence

Published on 26/10/2020

Per motivi personali sarò assente dal 26/10 al 25/11 ed impossibilitato a rispondere alle email. Durante l'assenza il ricevimento studenti è sospeso. Per questioni urgenti relative ad aspetti di didattica prego contattare

For personal reasons I will be out of office from 26th October through 25th November and unable to respond to emails. During absence student hours are paused. For urgent matters related to teaching activities please contact

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