Academic year
2018/2019 Syllabus of previous years
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ET0042 (AF:258047 AR:151298)
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Surnames Pat-Z
Degree level
Bachelor's Degree Programme
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2nd Semester
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The course is one of the complimentary activities of the degree course. The general goal of the course is to develop a B2 level competence (QCER) in English for economics and business by focusing on the development of the receptive and productive skills, on the use of authentic texts, and on the characterizing textual, lexical and grammatical features.
The student will:

- know and understand the specific characterizing features (textual, lexical, grammatical) of English for economics and business;

- be able to apply this knowledge in understanding authentic texts and in producing written and oral texts on topics related to economics and business;

- know how to communicate in English clearly and appropriately ;

- acquire the skills and learning strategies to be able to continue autonomously to develop competence in the English for economics and business.
A good B1 level of English or higher, willingness to improve own grammatical and lexical knowledge.
Communicative and business topics
- presenting yourself
- motviation
- teamwork
- innovation
- ethics
- managing employees
- outsourcing
- start-ups
1. Further materials will be uploaded week by week in the Moodle platform [ET0042 Lingua Inglese Esame Cognomi Pat-Z]. You must print / download and bring it to class. Please check in Moodle platform every Tuesday for new materials you will need in class.

2. Books:
i. Business Result Upper-intermediate Student's Book with Online Practice: NB New/2nd edition (ISBN 978-0194738965)

ii. Business Vocabulary in use Advanced Bill Mascull, Cambridge (ISBN9780521128292)
Written and Spoken

1. Written Exam
Part A – Grammar in Context
Part B – Gap Fill
Part C – Morphology
Part D – Reading Comprehension
Part E – Grammar and Vocabulary

2. Spoken Exam
Discussion of a chosen theme in the "Business Vocabulary in Advanced Use" AND discussion of another general theme of your choice.
Frontal Lesson - use of activities in Business Result plus Powerpoint and additional activities.
written and oral
Definitive programme.
Last update of the programme: 03/02/2019