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2018/2019 Syllabus of previous years
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FM0163 (AF:273168 AR:161414)
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Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
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2nd Term
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The course takes part of the core educational activities of the Master's Degree programme in Italian Philology and Literature, as a 6 ECTS course.
This course offers a solid specialised training in the study of Italian poetry, by an approach to some important texts, that will be studied by many points of view, such as exegetical, stylistical, prosodical, rhetorical, critical methods. At the end of the course, students will know the chief tools for a metrical and stylistical lecture of poetical texts, that they could apply to any other Italian poetical text.
To be admitted to this course students must possess a good knowledge of Italian Language and of the chief notions of Prosody, Rhetorics and Stylistics.
Analysis of exemplar texts of Italian poetry, from the Origin to the XXth century [first part]: from Iacopone da Todi to Giambattista Marino.
Referral text:
Pier Vincenzo Mengaldo, "Attraverso la poesia italiana. Analisi di testi esemplari", Rome, Carocci, 2008 (or reprints).
Critical essays:
Lorenzo Renzi, "Come leggere la poesia", Bologna, il Mulino, 1991, pp. 13-39.
Luca Serianni, "La lingua poetica italiana", Rome, Carocci, 2009 (or reprints), pp. 11-46.
The study of P. G. Beltrami, "Gli strumenti della poesia", Bologna, il Mulino, 2012 is suggested.

Non-attending students must add the following essay:
Pier Vincenzo Mengaldo, "Prima lezione di stilistica", Bari, Editori Laterza, 2001 (or reprints).
Oral examination.
The examination will start by a lecture of one of the texts presented during the course; students must explicate it literaly and give a commentary on it. Other questions will concern texts quoted on the Bibliography.
Students must demonstrate to have well understood the contents of the course and to have joint a personal critical ability.
Teacher will do lectures.

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