Academic year 2018/2019 Syllabus of previous years
Course code LM0052 (AF:278380 AR:157226)
Modality On campus classes
ECTS credits 12
Degree level Master's Degree Programme (DM270)
Educational sector code L-LIN/14
Period 1st Semester
Course year 1
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Contribution of the course to the overall degree programme goals
The module will be held in collaboration with native speaking language assistants. Its aims are:
- the development of written and speaking abilities at C2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (and as in the ZOP exam of the Goethe Institut);
- the comprehension and summary of complex German and English linguistic texts of a specified area.
Expected learning outcomes
competence in finding out the most important grammatical, lexical and textual elements required to understand a complex scientific text
competence in executing an argumentative analysis of the content of scientific test;
competence in applying the correct terminology in the description of linguistic phenomena;
competence in evaluating in a independent way of arguments about the contents and competence in presenting these arguments in oral of written form in an appropriate communicative form
Knowledge of the German language as requested by the study program in Linguistics (SL); level required: C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Development of written and speaking abilities at the level C2 in the CEFRL. Analysis, discussion and summary of complex linguistic texts.
Contents of native German speakers' classes with language experts (CELs):
1. writen and oral skills, C2 level n the CEFRL.
2. How to write a summary based on a scientific or essayistic writings on German literature, culture and language.
3. Rhetorical and stylistic devices for writing summaries on scientific or essaystic texts on German literature, culture and language.
4. Rhetorical and stylistic devices to develope academic speaking and discussion skills.
5. Analysis of literary, essayistic and journalistic texts.
6. Translation.
Referral texts
Didaktisches Material:
Online and written materials will be be provided by the lecturer and the language assistants.

Assessment methods
The learning progress of the student is verified on the basis of 3 abstracts of linguistic texts, which will be evaluated with respect to
its appropriateness and clarity in content and form and well as in its originality of thought. Also the exam of the language instruction part of the course involves a written summary of a complex scientific text. The written exam takes 4 hours.
Teaching methods
Front lectures, questions and discussions.
Teaching language
Type of exam
Definitive programme.
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