Academic year 2019/2020 Syllabus of previous years
Official course title BUSINESS LAW
Course code ET2001 (AF:279126 AR:159544)
Modality Frontal Lesson
ECTS credits 6
Degree level Bachelor's Degree Programme
Educational sector code IUS/04
Period 3rd Term
Course year 2
Contribution of the course to the overall degree programme goals
The purpose of the course is to provide students with the fundamentals of the Law civil principles involved in commerce. A particular attention will be paid to the socalled statuto giuridico del imprenditore. Among other topics this course will deal with contract Law, Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law and Intellectual Property. The legal regime of Business Companies and corporations in particular will be studied. The last part of the course will be devoted to the study of the Bankruptcy legal regime.
Expected learning outcomes
1.- Knowledge and comprehension skills
2.- Knowledge of what the Law is
3.- Understanding of how contracts are made, the consequences of entering into a contract in relation to how obligations are to be performed and the consequences resulting from non performance
4.- Knowing and understanding the legal consequences of being an "imprenditore"
5.- Ability to identify problems and solutions when deciding on the type of business company to run a business.
6.- Knowing and understanding the legal regime of securities such as drafts, promissory notes and checks.
7.- Knowing the legal consequences and treatment of business persons’ insolvency.
ET4003 European private law (see )
1. The Law
2. Patrimonial Legal relations
3. Exchange of goods and services
4. Businesspersons
5. Antitrust, Unfair Competition and Intellectual Property
6. Business Companies
7. Corporations (I)
8. Corporations (II)
9. Drafts, checks and promissory notes
10. Bankruptcy
Referral texts
De Luca, N., European Company Law. Texts, Cases and Materials, Cambridge University Press, 2017
Assessment methods
The exam consists in a 20 multiple choice questions test and a case study to solve.
Regarding the test, for each correct answer a candidate gets 0,5 poinst. For each incorrect answer a candidate looses 0,25 points.
In the case study the student will be presented with ten questions referred to the case. Each one of them will be assessed over one point.
To pass the subject the candidate must get at least five points in each part the exam consists in.
Teaching methods
Frontal lectures.
Course materials will be uploaded to the moodle e- learning platform.
Active student participation during the lectures will be encouraged.
Teaching language
Type of exam
Definitive programme.
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