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COMES Inglese 2 - 2019: Homework

Published on 02/12/2019

Week 10

Student's book:

Grammar 10B p 151

Revise and Check p102 (answers in Materiali ISA / Inglese 2 / End of course materials)

Workbook unit 10B         

Grammar book Units 34 and 35, Test bank for review 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Moodle: Please look on Moodle for end of course materials and answers to exercises I might not have checked in class.

Video:  Have a look at this Ted Talk - it leads on from our discussions on the internet in China. I think this presenter is exceptionally good: watch him and analyse what you should / should not do in presentions.

Reading: I know you won't read as much now that the course has finished. SO, please download the Telegram app and find rosannavaruzza on it. (The full address is I will send out articles on the BBC I think you might find interesting when I come across them, with the hope you continue reading and explanding your horizons!

Thanks for a lovely course all of you and good luck in your exams!



Week 9


Student's book:

Grammar 10A  p 150

Workbook unit 10A

Grammar 5a p 97

Grammar book Units 31-32

Reading and video:

Bring in a long article you have read recently that you've found interesting.


Week 8

Student's book:

Grammar 9B p 149

Workbook unit 9B

Reading p 88 and 89 (just do the reading not the exercises)

Pronunciarion Exercise p 89

Grammar Exercise 5a p 91 

Vocabulary bank p 163

Grammar book Units 30 and 33

Reading and Video:

Do the worksheets (see attached at the bottom) on the TED talk on Growth and Development

Watch: a somewhat sensational - and alarming - video on the future of megacities. It's from a well-known source, but it's a bit dramatic. However, the problems it predicts are frightening.

Watch (if you want - but it is interesting!)  Andrew Marr's Megacities video                                                                    

If you are interested in this topic, read a chapter by chapter summary from the United Nations on the problems that will arise with megacities in the future 

or a short article from the World Economic Forum on how magacities are developing





Week 7

Student's book:

Grammar 9A  p 148

Workbook unit 9A

Mini Grammar Exercise 5 p 87

Pronunciation Exercise 7 p 87

Vocabulary Bank p 162

Revise and Check p 82

Grammar book units 28-29 and 41 - 45

Reading and Video: there have been a lot of discussions in the media on the advertising of sanitary products and how periods affect women and the economy across the globe. Compare these articles from the BBC News 1) Menstrual blood ad complaints dismissed in Australia, 2) Period Taboo - Why can't we talk about menstruation? and 3) Why are menstruating women in India removing their wombs? (I'm sorry I've written the names of the articles but I'm having problems cutting and pasting from my PC today). 

On a happier note: The John Lewis Christmas Advert 2019 dropped yesterday. Have a look and compare it to previous John Lewis adverts and let's see in class which one is your favourite.



Week 6

Student's book:

Grammar 8B  p 147

Workbook unit 8B

Pronunciation Exercise 3 p 79

Reading and Vocabulary Exercise 4 p 80

Vocabulary bank p 161

Grammar book Units 26 - 27

To follow on from our discussions about AI last week and to tie in with the topic of media this week, I am suggesting the following, which I hope you'll find interesting. The topic is the Social Credit Score System that they are working on in China and how big data is, and can be, used. 

Reading: for an explanation of the system, look at Wikipedia. Focus especially on Section 4.

This article in TIME MAGAZINE discusses the issue further.

Video: An interview discussing how the Big 9 Companies (please check which ones they are) are collecting our data and what they can do with it.

Next time you check your Instagram, go on-line shopping or ask Alexa a question, think....... Happy reading and watching!


Student's book:

Grammar 8A  p 146

Workbook unit 8A

Mini Grammar Exercise 4a p 75

Vocabulary bank p 160

Reading p 74

Vocabulary and Pronunciation p 75

Grammar exercises a, b, and f  p 76

Reading p 77

Grammar book Units 9 - 10

Video on AI in education - a scary future:

The following reading and video are quite delicate subjects - I fully understand if you don't feel comfortable reading/watching them for personal reasons.

Reading on how Instagram and other apps are being used in the human slave trade:

Video: TED talk on how Human Trafficking works:


PLEASE NOTE: Julia Dougherty will be on sick leave until the end of the course. The 2 Tuesday courses (mine and hers) have been merged. I'm expecting her students to do as much of this homework as possible, taking into account I have put up this information quite late.



Week 4

Student's book:

Grammar 7B  p 145

Workbook unit 7B

Mini Grammar Exercise 3b p 69

Vocabulary bank p 159

Grammar book Units 21 - 24

Reading Find a LONG / DIFFICULT :-) article and bring it in to class to discuss with your colleagues

Video: Look at this interesting talk about how your body language affects how other people see you.



Week 3

Student's book:

Grammar 7A  p 144

Workbook unit 7A

Read article p 65

Mini Grammar Exercise 5b p 67

Vocabulary bank p 158

Grammar book Units 11 - 14

Reading and video

Read the following article on gender stereotypes - a sort of introduction to the topic:

Read the following report It's looking at gender equality in France but can be equally as interesting for Italy. Read the proposals and highlight the ones you think are interesting, so that you can talk about them in class.

This was the advert I showed you in class. There are some other interesting ones, too.





Week 2 (for Week 3)

Student's book:

Grammar 6B (student's book p 143)

Workbook unit 6B

Vocabulary pg 61

Revise and Check pg 62 + 63

Grammar book Unit 4 (if you haven't already done it in Inglese 1) and Units 19 and 20 on Gerunds and Infinitives from last week

Reading: bring in an interesting - LONG - article that you have read

Video: look at the following TED talk 

I gave a photocopy of a worksheet to do with this TED talk in class. Please do the exercises that you can do alone (the sheets come from a course book usually used in class with the teacher). I've put a copy in my dispensa for students who were absent.

 - If you want to see how well your brain is working (with or without sleep), you can sign up for free and play some of the brain games -   but then they keep sending you messages, so be aware! 



Week 1 (for Week 2)

Student's book

Grammar 6A (student's book p 142) 

Workbook unit 6A

Grammar book Units 11-14 (optional)

Video TED talk on making money for music from the internet

TED talk on how festivals have become more commercialised

Reading how artists can make money from festivals

how music festivals are tryng to limit the damage they make on the environment

Workbook English File Upper Int

Published on 12/11/2019

Please find attached the final pages of the workbook. Some students said they had some of these pages missing. I've added the key in case you need it.


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