MISTRY Malcolm

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E-mail malcolm.mistry@unive.it
Sito web www.unive.it/persone/malcolm.mistry (scheda personale)
Struttura Dipartimento di Economia
Sito web struttura: https://www.unive.it/dip.economia

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  • VESCO PAOLA, KOVACIC MATIJA, MISTRY MALCOLM, CROICU MIHAI (2021), Climate Variability, Crop and Conflict: Exploring the Impacts of Spatial Concentration in Agricultural Production in JOURNAL OF PEACE RESEARCH, vol. 58, pp. 98-113 (ISSN 0022-3433)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3731642
  • Sue Wing Ian, De Cian E., Mistry (2021), Global vulnerability of crop yields to climate change in JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, vol. 109, pp. 102462 (ISSN 0095-0696)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3740492
  • BEZERRA P., SILVIA F., CRUZ T., MISTRY, VASQUEZ-ARROYO E., MAGALAR L., DE CIAN , LUCENA A.F.P., SCHAEFFER R. (2021), Impacts of a warmer world on space cooling demand in Brazilian households in ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, vol. 234 (ISSN 0378-7788)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3734976
  • JESSIE RUTH SCHLEYPEN, MISTRY, FAHAD SAEED, DASGUPTA (2021), Sharing the burden: quantifying climate change spillovers in the European Union under the Paris Agreement in SPATIAL ECONOMIC ANALYSIS, vol. NA, pp. 1-16 (ISSN 1742-1780)
    URL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3739442
  • Falchetta, Giacomo; Mistry (2021), The role of residential air circulation and cooling demand for electrification planning: Implications of climate change in sub-Saharan Africa in ENERGY ECONOMICS, vol. 99, pp. 105307 (ISSN 0140-9883)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3739940
  • Mistry M. (2020), A High Spatiotemporal Resolution Global Gridded Dataset of Historical Human Discomfort Indices in ATMOSPHERE, vol. 11, pp. 835 (ISSN 2073-4433)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3728949
  • Randazzo T.; De Cian E.; Mistry M. (2020), Air conditioning and electricity expenditure: The role of climate in temperate countries in ECONOMIC MODELLING, vol. 90, pp. 273-287 (ISSN 0264-9993)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3727076
  • Obed M. Ogega; James Koske; James B. Kung’u; Enrico Scoccimarro; Hussen S. Endris; Malcolm Mistry (2020), Heavy precipitation events over East Africa in a changing climate: results from CORDEX RCMs in CLIMATE DYNAMICS, vol. N/D (ISSN 1432-0894)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3726531
  • Ogega, Obed M.; Gyampoh, Benjamin A.; Mistry M (2020), Intraseasonal Precipitation Variability over West Africa under 1.5 °C and 2.0 °C Global Warming Scenarios: Results from CORDEX RCMs in CLIMATE, vol. 8, pp. 143 (ISSN 2225-1154)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3733929
  • Mistry M.N. (2019), A high-resolution global gridded historical dataset of climate extreme indices in DATA, vol. 4, pp. 41 (ISSN 2306-5729)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3711188
  • Zelingher, Rotem; Ghermandi, Andrea; De Cian, Enrica; Mistry, Malcolm; Kan, Iddo (2019), Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Vegetative Agriculture Markets in Israel in ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS, vol. 72, pp. 1-18 (ISSN 0924-6460)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3711496
  • Mistry, Malcolm (2019), Historical global gridded degree‐days: A high‐spatial resolution database of CDD and HDD in GEOSCIENCE DATA JOURNAL, vol. N/D, pp. 1-8 (ISSN 2049-6060)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3719795
  • Enrica De Cian, Filippo Pavanello, Teresa Randazzo, Malcolm Mistry, Marinella Davide (2019), Households’ adaptation in a warming climate. Air conditioning and thermal insulation choices in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY, vol. 100, pp. 136-157 (ISSN 1462-9011)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3715827
  • Mysiak, Jaroslav*; Torresan, Silvia; Bosello, Francesco; Mistry, Malcolm; Amadio, Mattia; Marzi, Sepehr; Furlan, Elisa; Sperotto, Anna (2018), Climate risk index for Italy in PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON SERIES A: MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES, vol. 376, pp. 20170305 (ISSN 1364-503X)
    Link DOIURL correlato Link al documento: 10278/3702150
  • Malcolm Mistry; Sue Wing Ian; De Cian Enrica (2017), Simulated vs. empirical weather responsiveness of crop yields: US evidence and implications for the agricultural impacts of climate change in ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS, vol. 12, pp. 075007 (ISSN 1748-9326)
    Link DOI Link al documento: 10278/3726533
Articolo su libro
  • Billio M., Casarin R., De Cian E., Mistry M., Osuntuyi, A. (2021), The Impact of Climate on Economic and Financial Cycles: A Markov-switching Panel Approach in Billio M., Casarin R., De Cian E., Mistry M., Osuntuyi, A., Working Paper Series - Department of Economics of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (ISSN 1827-3580), Department of Economics, University of Venice "Ca' Foscari, vol. 2021/03, pp. 1-64
    Link al documento: 10278/3735303