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Office hours / Ricevimento

Pubblicato il 16/10/2020

For the months of September-December 2020, my office hours will be on tuesday from 11am till 1pm, via Zoom. The zoom link to the meeting is: (passcode: office2)

Pls send me an email before to book your time-slot.

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Nei mesi di settembre-dicembre 2020, il mio ricevimento sarà il martedì dalle ore 11 alle 13, via Zoom. 

Il link zoom per l'incontro è: (passcode: office2)

Per favore, mandatemi una mail in anticipo per prenotare il vostro appuntamento


MIGRATIONS AND GLOBAL CHANGE - [LMH040] (180452): Instructions for paper submission

Pubblicato il 16/10/2020

Instructions for those of you who decide to submit a paper instead of attending the written part of the examination. 

Please notice:

- if you want to join the exam in January (dates to be announced), you need send me your proposal (a title and half-page abstract) by the 15th of December. Within a few days I will let you know if I approve the topic and you can start working on the paper. The paper has to be submitted (by email) on the same day of the written examination. I will let you know my feedback on the paper during the oral part of the exam, after one week.

- the paper has to be maximum 5 pages, Times New Roman size 11, spacing 1.5. 

- list of references (which does not count in the 5 pages limit) has to be at the end of the paper and follow the MLA style

- concerning the topic of your paper: it has to relate to one of the phenomena we discussed in class (including guest speakers' classes), by expanding it to analyse a specific case study. As 'case study' you can consider, for example: 1) the specific conditions and experiences of a migrants' group; 2) the stories told by one or more novelists or videomakers about migrant protagonists, 3) events and stories  taking place in a specific city or geographical areas, etc. Please do not include cases based on your personal/family experience or on interviews with people.

In all instances, the selected case-study needs to be interpreted as embedded in one of the general trends and phenomena we discussed in class. For this reason, your main tool to analyse your case-study will be the (compulsory and extra) readings available on the Moodle. You need to show how you used them in your analysis, by quoting them in the appropriate ways. Please add more readings only if really necessary.

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