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PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH - [EM2053] VENEZIA (168263): Introduction to the course

Pubblicato il 03/02/2021

Dear Students,

I have begun uploading the material and instructions for this course.  Please consult the syllabus here which contains all the instructions and pedagogical goals. Some of these elements may change according to circumstances related to the pandemic but the course material will be unchanged. Professional English does not only entail writing reports and cover letters, but also being able to converse fluently in topics of the day and topics related to Economics and Finance. Intercultural negotiating techniques will also be studied.

Our first lessons on February 8th and 9th will consist of an introductory slide presentation on the course content. Free discussion is encouraged and so please intervene whenever you wish. For the following lessons, please come to class having read the material beforehand so that we can discuss the main points and make this as interactive as possible. You can start reading now. The order of study is that in which the material appears on Moodle. The videos however will be seen and commented directly in class. 

Being a language course, it will cover both the third and fourth periods for the 6 credits. As you now, this course, being a second year Magistrale course, is planned to be held entirely online. I do hope we can get in some presence but this depends on decisions made further up.

The Zoom link is available as a "recurring meeting". There will be no waiting room so please enter with your microphone initially off but the camera on. I want to see you ! sorridente You can then turn on your audio when you are sure that no dogs are barking in the vicinity. If you are in a classroom or a place where you cannot speak, please try to find a newer place so that you might contribute to the discussions. It's not easy, I know.

See you soon. RB

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