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esercitazioni period 2

Pubblicato il 03/11/2019

Dear students,

Please read the following carefully.

Esercitazioni period 2 - Lingua Inglese
The first semester is dedicated to helping any students who were in their SECOND year in AA2018/19 (or previous years) who still need to pass the Lingua Inglese written and oral exams.

Written exam preparation
In the second period (Classe 2), students attending all the lessons in the five-week period will have the opportunity to take a written test at the end of the module. If they successfully pass the test, they will be exonerated from taking the written exam in January 2020 and will automatically be able to complete the exam by taking the oral component with the Professor responsible for their letter group in January or on a date to be agreed.

Classe 2 (period 2)
Mondays 8.45-10.15, Aula 9C San Giobbe, or 12.15-13.45, Aula 0A, Palazzo Moro
Tuesdays 10.30 -12.00, Aula 0A, Palazzo Moro or 14.00-13.45, Aula 0A, Palazzo Moro
Thursdays 8.45-10.15, Aula 8B, San Giobbe or 12.15-13.45, Aula 8B, San Giobbe

Speaking Skills: Oral exam preparation
Students who attend the speaking support sessions will receive 1 extra point for a 5-week attendance in the second period (Classe 2). To choose which sessions you would like to attend,
the timetable is as follows:

Classe 2 (period 2)
Mondays 10.30-12.00, Aula 8B San Giobbe or 14.00-15.45, Aula 9C, San Giobbe
Tuesdays 8.45-10.15, Aula 0A, Palazzo Moro or 12.15-13.45, Aula 0A, Palazzo Moro
Thursdays 10.30-12.00, Aula 8B San Giobbe or 14.00-15.45, Aula 8B, San Giobbe

Nota Bene: These esercitazioni are NOT open to students entering their second year in 2019/20. You will have your own dedicated lettorato sessions in the second semester to support the main course Lingua Inglese Esame 6cfu. The esercitazioni are not obligatory. To enroll please write to Marisa Severi at stating the day and time of the course/courses (writing and/or speaking) you wish to attend.

Kindly be informed.

Thank you and good luck!

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