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Valeriia B. Kolosova, PhD (Philology), a senior research fellow at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (St Petersburg, Russia), since 2008. My candidate dissertation on ethnolinguistic aspect of Slavonic folk botany was defended in Ethnolinguistic Dpt at the Institute of Slavonic Studies (Moscow) in 2004. My main research interests have been the connections among plant names motivated by their features, folklore symbolism, and semiotic status of plants in ethnographical uses (rites and rituals, folk medicine and magic). Keeping interest for ethnolinguistic aspects of folk botany, I also enlarged the sphere of my studies to history of East Slavs’ ethnobotany, diachronic and genre aspects of Russian phytonyms, popular use of wild food and medical plants in peoples of Russian Federation. My fieldwork experience includes both Slavs (in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria) and Far East peoples (Eskimos and Chukchi). I published a monograph on Slavonic folk botany (in Russian) and over 150 articles, both in Russian and European journals; I also took part in compiling articles on plants for the ethnolinguistic dictionary Славянские древности [Slavic antiquities] (Vols. 1-5, Moscow, 1995-2012). I read about 60 papers at Russian and foreign conferences and seminars and was the editor of two series of articles on ethnobotany. By organising sections and round tables on Ethnobotany at various conferences and congresses and by publishing reviews of Russian and foreign boks on the theme, I am working at developing ethnobotany in Russia.