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  • Enrica De Cian, Filippo Pavanello, Teresa Randazzo, Malcolm Mistry, Marinella Davide (2019), Households’ adaptation in a warming climate. Air conditioning and thermal insulation choices in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY, vol. 100, pp. 136-157 (ISSN 1462-9011)
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  • Teresa Randazzo, Matloob Piracha (2019), Remittances and Household Expenditure Behavior: Evidence from Senegal in ECONOMIC MODELLING, vol. 79, pp. 141-153 (ISSN 1873-6122)
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  • Vadean, Florin*; Randazzo, Teresa; Piracha, Matloob (2019), Remittances, Labour Supply and Activity of Household Members Left-Behind in JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, vol. 55, pp. 278-293 (ISSN 0022-0388)
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  • Collier, William; Piracha, Matloob; Randazzo, Teresa (2018), Remittances and return migration in REVIEW OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, vol. 22, pp. 174-202 (ISSN 1363-6669)
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  • R. G. Anghel, M. Piracha, T. Randazzo (2015), Migrants’ Remittances: Channeling Globalization , Handbook of the International Political Economy of Migration, L.S. Talani and S. McMahon, vol. N/D (ISBN 9781782549895)
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