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Anno Tipologia Pubblicazione
2020 Articolo su rivista Lavinia Maddaluno “Materialising political economy: olive oil, patronage and science in eighteenth-century Rome”, Diciottesimo secolo, Vol. 5 (2020), pp. 97-115. in DICIOTTESIMO SECOLO, vol. 5, pp. 95-115 (ISSN 2531-4165)
- Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743103
2020 Articolo su libro Maddaluno, L Forests, Woods, Roads Agricultural Landscapes as Instruments for the Material Administration of an Eighteenth-Century Tuscan Periphery in Autori Vari, Florence After the Medici Tuscan Enlightenment, 1737-1790, 2 PARK SQ, MILTON PARK, ABINGDON OX14 4RN, OXFORD, ENGLAND, ROUTLEDGE, pp. 199-223 (ISBN 9781032087634)
- Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743104
2019 Articolo su rivista Maddaluno L. Four unpublished letters from Nicolas Fatio de Duillier to Isaac Newton: Networks and alchemical knowledge in NUNCIUS, vol. 34, pp. 661-702 (ISSN 0394-7394)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743106
2019 Articolo su rivista Maddaluno, Lavinia The Academy of Fisticuffs. Political Economy and Commercial Society in Enlightenment Italy. Essay review of: Sophus Reinert, (Harvard University Press: Harvard, 2018), 668 pages; ISBN: 9780674976641. in GLOBAL INTELLECTUAL HISTORY, vol. 4, pp. 1-12 (ISSN 2380-1883)
DOI - URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743105
2019 Articolo su libro Lavinia Maddaluno Lavinia Maddaluno, "De facto policies and intellectual agendas of an eighteenth-century Milanese agricultural academy: Physiocratic resonances in the Società Patriotica" in Steven Kaplan and Sophus Reinert (eds), The Economic Turn (Anthem Press: London, 2019) pp. 395-438 in Autori vari, The Economic Turn. Recasting Political Economy in Enlightened Europe, London, Anthem Press, pp. 395-438 (ISBN 9781783088553)
- URL correlato - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743107
2012 Articolo su rivista Maddaluno L. Unveiling nature: Wonder and deception in eighteenth-century London shows and exhibitions in NUNCIUS, vol. 27, pp. 56-80 (ISSN 0394-7394)
DOI - Scheda ARCA: 10278/3743460