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Pubblicato il 22/07/2021

office hours during July and August 2021



pw: 586196

Dear student

my intention is to assist You in Your preparation for end August examination. So I'll guarantee a meeting every week also during July and August, without holidays break. You don't need to book or to inform me of Your attendance, I ask You to be on time (better to link 5 mintues in advance) and to check few days before if there is any change.

At this time, my office hours are

1st July  at 3 pm

7th July at 11 am

14th July at 1 pm

21st July at 11 am

27th July at 1 pm

6th August at 9,30 am

12th August at 9 am

19 August at 12 am

25 August at 12 am


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