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English Year 1, 2 receiving hours Palazzo Cosulich

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My hours to receive students in the second semester:

Wednesdays: 12.30 - 14.30 Sala CEL or auletta lingue (contact me)

Thursdays:  12.30  - 13.30  Sala CEL 



English Year 2 Group E homework Feb 20

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Homework for Feb 20

Read or listen to something to discuss in class. Some interesting suggestions: The Global Gender Gap Report: (download PDF). Look up a few countries to see what the situation is.

Write a 350-word essay on one of the following topics: 

  1. “As the meat industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, a strict new series of laws have been proposed, including a move to ration meat to three portions per week.” Discuss this proposal, considering both sides of the argument. Is it an infringement on personal choice? Would it be effective? Is it necessary?


      2. Learning how to behave: with people socializing much less these days, should social skills, etiquette and good behaviour be taught in school? What kind of behaviour could be taught? Or is this a terrible idea? Discuss each side of the debate in a balanced essay.


Cloze exercise: find the one on Marian Anderson in Moodle, cloze folder, and complete it

Find  Advanced Grammar in Use unit 12 'to be to' in Moodle, grammar folder, and complete it 





Read or listen to something to discuss in class. This is a suggestion:

Find the exercise 'Orwell Cloze Exercise' in Moodle, Cloze Exercise folder, and complete it for Wednesday. 

Write two paragraphs or so about decisions in your life that you regret (using regret, wish, if only, etc.) or feel good about, specifying the consequences using conditional structures. 

MyGrammarLab   unit 27 p 125 part 5 



Homework for Dec 19

Read or listen to something to discuss in class

workbook: unit 6 (1,2,3) 

EAP p 81 (in  Moodle grammar folder)

My Grammar Lab 75, 76, 67 

Yiou will find a document on dependent prepositions in Moodle, grammar folder, titled Academic Vocabulary p 111 113 

I wiill be available: on Wednesdays in the CEL room, second floor, Palazzo Cosulich, from 14.30 - 15.30; Palazzo Cosulich Auletta lingue, ground floor 15.45 - 16.45. Thursday 15.45 - 16.45 (auletta lingue or sala CEL) 




New Headway Advanced Fourth Edition with workbook and key, Digital by Liz and John Soars, Paul Hancock, Oxford University Press

An optional grammar book which I highly recommend for use in the second and third years is: MyGrammarLab Advanced C1/C2 with key by Mark Foley and Diane Hall, Pearson 

(ISBN 978-1-4082-9911-1)

Another optional reference and exercise book which can be used for self-study in the second year is: Oxford Grammar for EAP, by Ken Paterson with Roberta Wedge, Oxford University Press


English Year 1 Groups F,H homework Feb 21

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Homework for Feb 21

Read or listen to something to discuss. This article (or if you prefer, podcast) about the war on plastic is long but very interesting.;

Write two paragraphs on topics from p 129 exercise 8a or p 135 exercise 8a. 

p 73  9a writing task (two paragraphs) 

MyGrammarLab unit 61, QuickCheck p 364 

Group H only: do paraphrase exercise Equal Pay (Moodle, paraphrase folder) 





 Read this article to discuss in class.

Navigate: grammar reference p 155

Finish writing the summary you started in class (Group F) 


Group F will be meeting in Aula Zattere, Palazzo Coslich, starting at 8.45, whereas the Group H lesson will start at 14.00 in San Basilio 1F. 








Read or listen to something, such as the following video, to discuss in class:

Navigate p 65

My Grammar Lab 38

You can find documents on gerunds and the verbs advise, propose, recommend and suggest in Moodle, grammar folder 





Write a critical overview of an internet source of information you use frequently, 

such as Wikipedia. Highlight its strengths and weaknesses and say how important it  

is to you as a student.         180 to 220 words 


I wiill be available: on Wednesdays in the CEL room, second floor, Palazzo Cosulich, from 14.30 - 15.30; Palazzo Cosulich Auletta lingue, ground floor 15.45 - 16.45: on Thursdays Auletta lingue  or the CEL room 15.45 - 16.45.      


My groups are F (German and Portuguese M-Z) and H (Spanish, Russian, LIS P-Z). 

Our lessons will be on Thursdays in Rio Novo 5. Group F: 8.45 - 12.00; Group H 12.15 - 15.30 Aula Azzurra, Ca' Bernardo

These are the books that you need to buy for the course. Please pay attention to the ISBN number, as there are many different versions available! 

Navigate C1: SB + WB C/C + eBk + OOSP (online practice)
9780194521864 (Oxford University Press)

MyGrammarLab C1/C2 with key and online 9781408299111 (Pearson)  (this book is optional but highly recommended) 


LINGUA INGLESE I - ESERCITAZIONI - [ET3006-2] TREVISO (163658): Course Organization

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I look forward to meeting students in Groups 2 (Tuesday from 9-12, surnames from Lb-Z) and 6 (Fridays from 9-12, surnames from A-La). Group 2 will meet in aula 11 and group 6 in aula 3. 


Make sure you buy the correct textbook:  English File Digital Upper-Intermediate Pack A book (3rd edition), Oxford.

Grammar book (optional): Business Grammar Builder by Paul Emmerson, Macmillan 


Please find attached how Inglese 1 lettorato will be organized, week by week.


LINGUA INGLESE I - ESERCITAZIONI - [ET3006-2] TREVISO (163658): Information on the exam, how to study for this course

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Please open the attachments to find information on the final exam for this course and how to study for this course. 

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