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Ricevimento Tuesday, 24th April

Pubblicato il 20/04/2019

I will be free to see students 2.15-3pm in Aula Conferenze

Year 1 oral test Tuesday, 24th April

Pubblicato il 20/04/2019

The students who are involved in the test should meet at 9am in Audio 2, Pal Coulich.

No tutorial on 24th April

Pubblicato il 20/04/2019

I am involved in oral exams so there will be no tutorial on the Tuesday morning.

Year 3 two-slot lesson 10.30-13.45 Tuesday, 23rd April

Pubblicato il 18/04/2019

As a result of the speaking exam arrangements made now on alternative days, we will have a lesson as usual at the above time.

Year 3 tutorial classwork 16/04

Pubblicato il 15/04/2019

Please download file only when requested to do so.

Year 3 lesson reminder 16/04

Pubblicato il 14/04/2019

Please note that the lesson will start at 12.15  as I am involved in Yera 3 orals until that that time.

Year 3 translation homework for 16/04/19

Pubblicato il 11/04/2019

Please translate the attached translation into English using a mono-lingual dictionary only (please note the text has changed with respect to the one I mistakenly downloaded yesterday).

Year 3 titles for essay to be handed in on 23rd April, 2019

Pubblicato il 10/04/2019

Please find attached the essay file. Here are the "rules":

No handwritten work

Respect the word count

No extensions beyond the deadline

Never, ever plagiarise others' work


Year 3 non-attenders Speaking exam info

Pubblicato il 10/04/2019

Students who do not attend classes are advised that the Speaking is now an integral part of the exam. Candidates should contact me with a suggested presentation topic which I need to approve beforehand and also see my personal messages for further details on the exam as well as prof.ssa Cesiri's page for information for re-takers. I intend doing all speaking exams before 17th May, 2019 and I will make slots to do the Speaking exam specifically for non-attenders through my messages; candidates will need to make themselves available at those times. As a result, you should check my messages frequently for details of slots.

Year 3 academic writing tutors' Facebook page

Pubblicato il 06/04/2019

The page is entitled "Tutorato Lingua Inglese 3 - Academic Writing". 

Year 3 essay tutors information

Pubblicato il 04/04/2019

The two tutors are Geraldine D'Ancona and Yasmin Rech. I have met with them and together we have decided how they might best be employed. They are going to set up a Facebook page where all the details will be displayed. I'll let you have the address as soon as I have it myself.

Year 3 Translation classwork/homework 02/04

Pubblicato il 02/04/2019

Please download file.

Year 3 exam presentations info

Pubblicato il 01/04/2019

The format of the Third Year lettorato exam is changing from the first appello in June 2019. The greatest change is that the speaking will now be a compulsory component of the exam accounting for 24 marks.


It will be organised as follows:


1. You are asked to give a presentation of approximately six minutes. In addition, four minutes are allocated to answering questions from peers at the end. 


2. You can give your presentation on one of the following areas: 

a) education

b) the world of work

c) a social issue

d) an aspect of English speaking culture.

e) the topic of your presentation may be also linked to your undergraduate thesis. 


You must agree with me on the topic of your presentation in advance to ensure that it is appropriate.


3. When giving your presentation, you may use slides though this is not compulsory. If you do, it is suggested that you do not use more than four slides and that these are solely to show a picture, a map, a diagram, a graph etc with as little wording as possible.


4. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not memorise your presentation or overpractise it as your speaking will not sound natural but rehearsed, and you may be asked to do it again on another topic.


4. You will be assessed according to the IELTS bands 6 to 9 (B2 - C2). 14.5 (60%) is a pass so the grades correspond accordingly:

6 = 14.5 -17

7 = 18 - 20

8 = 21 - 24

9 = a direct 24


The IELTS mark sheet is attached so that you have a clear idea of what you at aiming at.


If you have any questions, please ask me in class.

English Department Marking Scheme

Pubblicato il 01/04/2019

Please find attched the above marking scheme used to correct all written work.

Year 3 Presentations Advice

Pubblicato il 01/04/2019

Please study the attached file.

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