Erasmus+ Staff Training (STT)

Ca’ Foscari University participates in the Erasmus+ programme which offers mobility opportunities to technical and administrative staff (Staff Training) as well as to students and teachers. Under the programme technical and administrative staff can spend a training period at a higher education institution or enterprise abroad.
Every year Ca’ Foscari University of Venice makes a number of mobility grants available to its technical and administrative staff.
The Organization and Personnel Services Office – Training sector and the International Office - Mobility Unit are in charge of coordinating the various project stages and supplying technical support.

Applications and mobility grants

For the Academic Year 2016/2017, staff members who would be interested will have to apply prior to January 2017, as indicated in the call and form enclosed in this page.

The training period will have to last at least 2 working days and not exceed 7 days, including 2 working days for the trip (one to go and another to return). The training period will have to take place prior to September 30th 2017.

Participants will be awarded a mobility grant using Erasmus community funds, which includes a contribution calculated according to criteria laid down by the National Agency. Details of amounts can be found in the Call.

After consulting the list of destination universities attached to the Call, applicants are advised to get directly in touch with the university where they would like to spend their training period.

Contributions will only be disbursed following submission of a letter of interest from the host institution containing:

  • information concerning the Institution concerned;
  • a reference the proposed work plan;
  • name, surname, telephone number and email address of the contact person at the host institution.

Selection list

The Human Resources Area will draw up a Selection List of staff applicants on the basis of the following criteria:

  • acceptance by the host institution/enterprise (prerequisite);
  • priority criteria:

    • contacts and exchanges already in place with host institution with aim of facilitating operative procedures or production of new work material;
    • proposal of activities or projects intended to consolidate and broaden relations between structures and lay down the basis for future cooperation projects;
    • staff rotation (staff have not previously participated in Erasmus mobility training);
    • structure rotation (belonging to different structures of Ca' Foscari University);
    • willingness of destination institution to host guest staff;
    • staff with permanent contracts.

The Selection List will be drawn up and published by the end of January 2016. Selected staff shall confirm their willingness to participate by signing an agreement between the parties at the International Relations Office-Mobility sector.

Selected staff

Before their departure

Selected staff who have been awarded a mobility grant must send the original copy of their placement authorisation request, completed and signed, to the Mobility sector at least 10 days prior to their departure, along with the work programme drawn up together with the host university, signed and stamped by both universities.

Staff must also sign the Erasmus mobility agreement drawn up by the Mobility sector and establishing the rights and duties of both parties involved (staff and university/National Agency).

During their stay

Before their return, staff must ask the host institution to complete a certificate confirming the duration of stay and specifying the Staff Training Placement.

Upon their return

Upon their return, staff must submit the originals of all receipts documenting expenses as well as the original boarding passes for reimbursement purposes.

No expenses will be reimbursed without the support of the original receipts.

Staff are also required to complete a report on the period spent abroad using the form emailed to them by the Mobility sector.

Staff are requested to send documentation in support of expenses, boarding passes and their final report to the Mobility sector within 15 days of their return.