Flowering fields to save bees and butterflies

A new environmental crisis threatens both natural ecosystems and human food security. This is the 'pollinator crisis', that is, the crisis of insects that, by transporting pollen, allow 80% of plants to reproduce. A team coordinated by Ca' Foscari professor Gabriella Buffa is studying ways to halt this decline. 

Lagoon: sound waves to discover the underwater life at the inlets

Thanks to the 'Exchange' project, researchers were able to closely observe the transitional habitat at the inlets and understand how to use the information they collected for a better management of the fishing industry. 

Models of participation in science and democracy

Citizen Science as a model to rethink how participatory and deliberative practices can be successfully implemented in democratic governance: this is the main goal of ISEED, the new Horizon 2020 project coordinated by Ca' Foscari Professor Eleonora Montuschi.

First observation of nutation in magnetic materials

Nature Physics has presented the work of the team led by physicist Stefano Bonetti, professor at  Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Stockholm University. The new discovery is fundamental to make digital technologies ever faster, compact and energetically efficient.

The new post-COVID world: from finance to football

A team of 53 economists has explored past experiences and possible recovery scenarios in various fields of economics, business and finance, creating in just a few weeks the first book on the post-COVID world,  published by Edizioni Ca’ Foscari and downloadable for free online.

Scientists set up camp at 4100 meters to save the "ice memory"

On Monday September 14, a team of Italian and Swiss scientists reached the Corbassier glacier, on the Grand Combin massif, setting up camp at 4.100 meters, to extract three ice cores and deliver two of them to the dedicated ‘ice sanctuary’ that will be set up in Antarctica by the Ice Memory international programme.

Producing healthy and sustainable fish with precision aquaculture

This challenge involves 21 universities and companies from Europe, Canada, China and the United States, coordinated by Roberto Pastres, professor of Ecology at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics at Ca' Foscari.

Science for Peace and Security, the Ca’ Foscari/NATO project

The project was conceived by Andrea Gambaro, professor of Analytical Chemistry at Ca’ Foscari, with colleagues Ketevan Kupatadze (Ilia State University, Georgia) and David Ebert (Oklahoma University, United States) and is entitled "Network for alerting and managing public safety and resilience”, in short REACT.

Covid-19: 'soft' measures can avoid second peak

Masks and physical distancing can effectively replace the lockdown, averting a second wave of the epidemic, in Lombardy as in London, as shown in a study conducted by Italian economists Dario Palumbo of Ca' Foscari University and Salvatore Lattanzio of the University of Cambridge.