Academic Senate and Disciplinary Board: election results


On Tuesday, 12 September 2023, elections were held for the representatives in the Academic Senate and the Disciplinary Board for the three-year period 2023-2024/2025-2026.

The new University Regulations, which came into force on 20 April 2023, introduced the double gender preference, allowing to vote two candidates, one for each gender.

Academic Senate

Professors Stefano Bonetti (with 255 votes), Gianluca Lebani (248) Monica Billio (247) and Elisabetta Ragagnin (158) were elected to the Academic Senate, the university's governing and policy-making body, for the three-year period 2023/26.
Antonio Ruzza (217), Roberta D'Argenio (173) and Katia Spoldi (163) were elected as representatives of technical and administrative staff and language experts. Elisa Montori was elected to represent Phd students, with 136 preferences.

The Senate is composed of the Rector, the eight Department Directors, four members of faculty, including fixed-term researchers, elected by the teaching staff of the University so as to represent the various scientific-disciplinary sectors present in the University; three representatives of the technical and administrative staff and collaborators and linguistic experts elected by the same; two student representatives, elected by the students enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's Degree programme at the University; one representative of the University’s PhD students, elected by the students enrolled in PhD programmes at Ca’ Foscari.

Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board is a supervisory body of the University dealing with disciplinary proceedings against professors and researchers. It consists of 7 members, including the President, and 3 alternate members, who remain in office for three years: one full professor, one associate professor and one tenured researcher in service at the University who are to be elected; two full professors, one associate professor and one researcher from outside the University, appointed by the Academic Senate.

The following were elected to the Disciplinary Board: full professors Roberto Senigaglia (effective member) and Stefano Magrini (deputy member); associate professors Isabella Adinolfi (effective member) and Tomaso Maria Lucchelli (deputy); tenured researchers Debora Slanzi (effective member) and Patrizio Rigobon (deputy).

Details of the election results can be found on the dedicated page.