Dettaglio finestra della facciata principale di Palazzo Foscari


Michele Bugliesi -  Curriculum
Elected for the 2014/15 - 2019/20 term

Full Professor of Computer Science
Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics


prof. Tiziana Lippiello - Curriculum - Vice-Rector, International Relations Delegate

prof. Antonella Basso - Curriculum - Planning and Evaluation

prof. Flavio Gregori - Curriculum - Cultural Activities and Relations

prof. Ricciarda Ricorda - Curriculum - Didactics

prof. Marco Sgarbi - Curriculum - Communication and Development

prof. Andrea Torsello - Curriculum - Ricerca

Rector's Delegates

dr. Maria Antonietta Baldo - Curriculum - Sports Activities

prof. Giulia Bencini - Initiatives to aid assistance, integration and wellbeing of persons with disabilities

prof. Maria Ida Biggi - Curriculum - Theatre activities

prof. Carlo Bagnoli - Curriculum - Strategic Innovation through the Fondazione Ca’ Foscari and the development of the Vega incubator

prof. Marta Cardin - Curriculum - National and international evaluation systems and rankings

prof. Agostino Cortesi - Curriculum - Relations with the Veneto Region and the Fondazione Univeneto

prof. Flavia De Rubeis - Curriculum - Graduate Teaching Diploma (TFA)

dr. Vladi Finotto - Curriculum - Intellectual property, self-entrepreneurship and technology transfer

dr. Romana Frattini - Curriculum - Staff development and implementing the Code of Practice

prof. Fabrizio Gerli - Curriculum - Placement

prof. Carlo Giupponi - Curriculum - Cooperation and Development

prof. Pia Masiero - Curriculum - E-learning

prof. Marco Olivi - Curriculum [PDF] - Streamlining administrative processes

prof. Fabio Pranovi - Curriculum - Sustainability

prof. Francesca Rohr - Curriculum - Orientation

dr. Giovanni Vaia - Relations with the City of Venice for Digital Agenda

prof. Francesco Zirpoli - Curriculum - PhD Degrees

Academic Senate

prof. Michele Bugliesi - Curriculum - Rector (Chair)

prof. Giuseppe Barbieri - Curriculum - Member

prof. Monica Billio - Curriculum - Member

prof. Stefano Campostrini - Curriculum - Member

prof. Marco Ceresa - Curriculum - Member

mr. Alberto Coglitore - Member

prof. Giovannella Cresci - Curriculum - Member

mrs. Beatrice Di Padua - Member

mrs. Elisabetta Esposto - Member

prof. Antonio Marcomini - Curriculum - Member

prof. Maria del Valle Ojeda Calvo - Curriculum - Member

prof. Filippomaria Pontani - Curriculum - Member

prof. Pietro Riello - Curriculum - Member

prof. Patrizio Rigobon - Curriculum - Member

mr. Giuseppe Ruvolo - Member

dott. Antonio Soldani - Member

dott. Antonio Tripodi - Member

prof. Tiziano Vescovi - Curriculum - Member

prof. Gaetano Zilio Grandi - Curriculum - Member

prof. Tiziana Lippiello - Curriculum - Vice-Rector (Participant)

dr. Antonio Marcato - Curriculum - Head of Administration (Participant)

prof. Matteo Turri - Curriculum [PDF] - Head of the Evaluation Unit (Participant)

Board of Governors

prof. Michele Bugliesi - Curriculum - Rector (Chair)

prof. Carlo Barbante - Curriculum - Member

mrs. Ana Dacinoi - Member

dr. Daniela Grandin - Curriculum [PDF] - Member

mrs. Mariacristina Gribaudi - Curriculum [PDF] - Member

dr. Antonio Marcato - Head of Administration (Participant)

dr. Elisabetta Olivi - Curriculum [PDF] - Member

mr. Salvatore Parrinello - Member

dr. Guido Vicario - Curriculum [PDF] - Member

prof. Tiziana Lippiello - Curriculum - Vice-Rector (Participant)

Head of Administration

Supervisory Bodies

Audit Committee

dr. Francesco D'Amaro - Curriculum [PDF] - President

dr. Pasqualino Castaldi - Curriculum [PDF] - Full Member

dr.ssa Marisa Grilli - Alternate Member

dr. Alessandro Rocchi - Curriculum [PDF] - Alternate Member

dr. Massimiliano Staiano - Curriculum [PDF] - Full Member

dr. Riccardo Zennaro - Curriculum [PDF] - Alternate Member

Disciplinary Committee

Alberto Urbani - Curriculum - Full Member, Full Professor

Roberta Dreon - Curriculum - Full Members, Associate Professor

Alessandra Zanardo - Curriculum - Full Member, Researcher

Loretta Innocenti - Curriculum - Alternate Member, Full Professor

Marcello Pelillo - Curriculum - Alternate Member, Full Professor

Evaluation Unit

prof. Matteo Turri - Curriculum [PDF] - Head

mrs Francesca Ballin

dr. Marzia Foroni - Curriculum [PDF]

mrs. Maria Schiavone - Curriculum [PDF]

prof. Domenico Sartore - Curriculum [PDF]

University Quality Assurance Unit

The Unit fosters excellence and continuous improvement within the institution, proposes and supervises the implementation and update of the University Quality Assurance System, defines the means to support and measure educational, research and “Third Mission” excellence.

For the academic years 2016/17 - 2018/19, the Presidium for University Quality is composed of:

prof. Luisa Bienati - Curriculum - President

prof. Raffaele Pesenti, professor - Curriculum - Member

prof. Marco Sgarbi, associate professor - Curriculum - Member

prof. Cristiano Varin, associate professor - Curriculum - Member

Irene Pizzolotto - Students' representative

For further information please visit the website of the Presidium for University Quality 

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

avv. Giorgia Masina

For further information please visit the webpage of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Guarantee Bodies

Student Assembly

Board of Governors

  • Dacinoi Ana - President
  • Parrinello Salvatore

Academic Senate

  • Coglitore Alberto
  • Di Padua Beatrice
  • Ruvolo Giuseppe

Department Board, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage

  • Grollo Marco
  • Di Padua Beatrice
  • Piantoni Martina
  • Sartorelli Elisa
  • Zavatta Giacomo

Department Board, Department of Asian and North African Studies

  • Grassi Filippo
  • Mason Lorenzo
  • Troia Alessandra

Department Board, Department of Humanities

  • Ballin Francesca
  • Pagin Enrico 
  • Voltolina Teresa

Department Board, Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies

  • Baldi Greta
  • Davanzo Enrico
  • Scala Valentina

Department Board, Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics

  • Filippetto Sebastiano
  • Hibraj Feliks
  • Bertacco Chiara

Department Board, Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems

  • Di Pietro Asia
  • Gaiotti Sebastiano
  • Flora Cristina
  • Miolla Danilo Domenico

Department Board, Department of Economics

  • Marini Daniele
  • Ratto Francesco

Department Board, Department of Management

  • Scatto Edoardo
  • Belli Giulia
  • Spiller Matteo

School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship

  • Barro Deborah
  • Primo Edoardo Domenico

Doctoral Board

Garbuio Chiara, Board of the PhD in Law, Market and Person

Bassoli Elena, Board of the PhD in Economics

Macchioni Annarita, Board of the PhD in Economics

Bacco Francesca, Board of the PhD in Management

Cocco Ludovico Maria, Board of the PhD in Management  - President

Batisti Filippo, Board of the PhD inPhilosophy and Educational Sciences

De Waal Almeida Santos Paula, Board of the PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences

Torcinovich Alessandro, Board of the PhD in Computer Science

Wahsheh Heider Ahmad Mutleq, Board of the PhD in Computer Science

Zava Giulia, Board of the PhD in Italian Studies

D'Ortenzio Silvia, Board of the PhD in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics

Girotto Alice, Board of the PhD in Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics

Davoli Guido, Board of the PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change

Scoto Federico, Board of the PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change

Maiolo Silvia, Board of the PhD in Environmental Sciences

Silan Giulia, Board of the PhD in Environmental Sciences

Mignosa Valentina, Board of the PhD in Ancient Heritage Studies

Scarpa Erica, Board of the PhD in Ancient Heritage Studies

Candeago Arianna, Board of the PhD in History of Arts

Meschini Emanuele Rinaldo, Dottorato in History of Arts

Student Advocate

Dr. Laura Provasi

Equal Opportunities, Employees’ Well-being and Inclusion Committee

prof. Gian Luigi Paltrinieri - Curriculum - Head

prof.ssa Vania Brino - Curriculum - University Representative

prof. Maria Ida Biggi - Curriculum - University Representative

prof. Magda Campanini - Curriculum - University Representative

dr. Esterita Vanin - Curriculum - University Representative

dr. Silvia Maiolo - PhD Students Representative 

dott. Patrik Sambo - Curriculum [PDF] - University Representative

dr. Elisa Vanin - FLC CGIL Full Representative

mr. Sergio Favaretto - Curriculum [PDF] - FLC CGIL Alternate Representative

Natascia Talamini Minotto - Students' Representative

Other Bodies

Advisory Board

The board has advisory functions in defining the University’s Strategic Plan, including focus of fields of research, recruitment policy and in formulating the criteria adopted in Evaluating Excellence in Research.

Prof. Maristella Botticini - Curriculum [PDF]

Prof. Vinny Cahill - Curriculum [PDF]

Prof. Ettore Cingano - Curriculum [PDF]

Prof. Nicola Di Cosmo - Curriculum [PDF]

Prof. John Mullan - Curriculum [PDF]

Prof. Andrea Rinaldo - Curriculum [PDF]

Prof. Massimo Warglien - Curriculum [PDF]

Ethics Committee

Advisory functions, research, investigation, promotion and dissemination in ethics (art. 22 of the Ethical Code for the University):

prof. Filippo Maria Carinci - Curriculum

dr. Laura Fagarazzi - Curriculum

dr. Romana Frattini - Curriculum

prof. Giuliana Martina - Curriculum

Data Monitoring Board

The board has advisory functions in reference to research projects in which privacy issues regarding information contained in digital databases is handled or take part in the "open access to research data" European programme, Horizon 2020 pilot action. 

prof. Augusto Celentano - Curriculum

prof. Agostino Cortesi - Curriculum - Corrdinator

dr. Fiorella Giacometti - Curriculum

prof. Claudia Irti - Curriculum

dr. Marisol Occioni - Curriculum

eng. Tommaso Piazza - Curriculum [PDF]

prof. Roberto Senigaglia - Curriculum

dott. Claudio Silvestri - Curriculum

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