With Study in Venice, you can do your Erasmus... while staying in Venice!


In autumn 2021, the teaching and learning offer of the Study in Venice 'Erasmus' has become more rich and varied than ever before, thanks to the contribution of the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and of the Music Conservatory Benedetto Marcello

What is the ‘Venetian Erasmus’?

This project started in 2006, when Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and IUAV University decided to establish an Erasmus-inspired partnership. Over the past 15 years, the programme has enabled students to take courses from the other university for free, and to have their exams recognised as part of their degree programme. With the Venetian Erasmus, students can enrich their experience by studying at a different university, whilst remaining in the city of Venice

From November 2021, the Venetian Erasmus is also open to students from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts and the Music Conservatory Benedetto Marcello, and these schools welcome students from the Study in Venice network. 

Study in Venice was created in 2017 by the higher education institutions of Venice, to promote the creation of joint education and internationalisation programmes, and to provide students with an increasingly comprehensive and personalised course offer. 

How to participate

Information regarding registration, the courses available, deadlines and contacts are online, on the following websites:


Here are some comments by students who have participated in the programme:

“I decided to participate in the Venetian Erasmus because I have a passion for fashion and I wanted to take a course in fashion design at IUAV University. It was an absolutely positive experience: it helped me to understand my objectives and my true interests, and at the same time I was able to experience studying at two different institutions. I think the Venetian Erasmus is a wonderful opportunity for people who are curious and looking to gain further knowledge in diverse topics. It certainly requires effort and commitment, but it is a unique opportunity to learn at two Venetian universities and I think it will help me with my future career.” 

Benedetta, Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts Management (Ca’ Foscari)


“I had already finished all the exams in my Study Plan and I was writing my dissertation when, as part of my 150-hour student collaboration, I was asked to tutor a student who was a political refugee and had just enrolled at IUAV University. This student only spoke English and still suffered the consequences of the sociopolitical issues he experienced in his home country. Obviously he was also assisted by cultural mediators and psychologists, but since my personal knowledge wasn’t sufficient to help a person in his situation, I decided to take the Displaced, Asylum Seekers and Refugeess course at Ca’ Foscari. As I expected, the programme was interesting and suited my needs — it was accessible to people who had no previous knowledge of these topics, and the professor explained everything very clearly. In the end, I enjoyed the course so much that I decided to add it to my university career thanks to the Venetian Erasmus proramme. It was a valuable experience that really enriched me, so I would certainly recommend it to other students.” 

Fabio, Planning and Urban Design (Iuav)