Russia-Ukraine war: the message of the Rector


Dear all, 

During the last few days the Ukrainian people have been suffering due to an attack on the part of Russia. Hour after hour, this attack is killing civilians and members of the military. 

This tragedy concerns all of us, it poses a serious threat to global peace and is a violation of freedom and international law; moreover, it directly affects the Ukrainian community which studies and works at Ca’ Foscari. Students and researchers are now in danger and are experiencing anguish for the fate of their families.

Together with the Vice-Rectors, the General Director and the Department Directors, I ask all of you to observe a minute of silence on 28 February at 12 p.m., interrupting all teaching, research and administrative activities. 

Let us express our solidarity with our Ukrainian community and let us be united in the hope  that this tragic bloodshed will come to an end as soon as possible. May our gesture be a good omen and a symbol of peace, hope and solidarity. 

Thank you,

Tiziana Lippiello


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