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Great antioxidant properties found in 'Rosa di Verona' and 'radicchio di Chioggia'

It is a known fact that chicory is a healthy food and scientific research at Ca’ Foscari measuring antioxidant properties in seven types of chicory has confirmed it. The research was conducted by professor Giulio Pojana and researcher Roberta Tardugno in a project funded by the Veneto Region through the European Social Fund (ESF).

The valuable ‘radicchio di Chioggia’ appears to be ideal for antioxidants intake. Scientists have found polyphenolics in fresh radicchio leaves, in particular flavonoid and anthocyanin, with a total of 338 milligrams in 100 grams of product. The ‘Rosa di Verona’ and the ‘Rosa di Gorizia’, analyzed for the first time, contain respectively 386 milligrams and 355 milligrams in 100 grams of product. ‘Castelfranco', 'Treviso' and ‘Verdon da Cortèl’ chicories contain antioxidant properties as well.  

The results of the research will be presented on Tuesday September 12th at 4pm in a workshop held in Italian on “The antioxidant properties of the Veneto chicories” organized by the research centre dtoLabs in Treviso.

During the workshop which will be open to all and free of charge the analytical tools used in the research will be presented, for the local producers, farmers and stakeholders who would want to further explore the nutritional or commercial qualities of radicchio and to enhance their own production.