Erasmus+ Extra EU, more than 270 mobility opportunities taken for students and staff

The Erasmus+ ICM 2015-2017 project ending last July was very successful with 271 incoming and outgoing mobility periods for students, professors and staff from and to 14 extra-EU countries and 25 partner universities - 19 mobilities more than initially expected.

The Russian Federation and the United States are the most popular destinations among students; Brazil, China, the Russian Federation, the United States and Vietnam are the countries from which most extra-European students came from.

The project

The project has allowed to support and reach a great variety of strategic goals such as:

  • Consolidating and expanding the pre-existing overseas exchange agreements, Joint degrees and joint supervisions;
  • Increasing the education offer of UNIVE in the language field, including for instance a Vietnamese language course for 6 credits held by a native speaker from the University of Hanoi;
  • Expanding the education offer with the partner universities;
  • Consolidating the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree “Crossing the Mediterranean: towards investment and Integration” at Ca’ Foscari thanks to projects with Israel, Morocco and Tunisia;
  • Incoming mobility students from Palestine enabling to open a new international mobility uncommon considering the geopolitical situation of the country.
  • There are many personal, academic and professional successful stories.

Georgian, Vietnamese and Ukrainian students have reached great academic outcome with respectevely an average of 34,8 credits per semester, 29,25 and 27 credits.
Several PhD students, incoming or outgoing, were able to publish scientific articles on international magazines: a PhD candidate from Astrakhan University has obtained after her mobility period a position of Italian Senior professor at her home university; 2 Vietnamese students have found work as English professors in Vietnam.
Two Vietnamese students and a Ukrainian student have decided to enrol at Ca’ Foscari for the Academic Year 2017/18.

The project E+ ICM 2015 has promoted the modernization of the administrations of the partner universities and supported the consolidation of the procedures at UNIVE in the European context. Furthermore it has encouraged the creation of the Project Partnerships Unit in the International Relations Office which is dedicated to project design and management within the Erasmus+ Programme.
The great impressions of the participants and the coordinating professors who were interviewed are thus confirmed.
The upcoming projects - E+ ICM 2016-2018 (9 countries and 16 partner universities) and 2017-2019 (5 countries and 6 partner universities) - are currently being managed with good prospects and the new project - E+ ICM Call 2018 - is being prepared.