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Science, art and movies to shape a sustainable future

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Youba Sokona, vice president of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will inaugurate the third edition of the Festival for the Earth, two activity-filled days, bringing art and science together for a more sustainable future.
The festival is organized by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and MrB Art, in partnership with the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC).

During the Festival, over 20 speakers from different industries like media, politics, art and technology, will come together to discuss mitigation and adaptation strategies to climate change.  

The opening ceremony will take place in the Aula Baratto at Ca’ Foscari, on Monday December 3rd at 10.30 a.m.. Next up will be world-renowned climatologist Nigel Tapper, with a lecture on the importance of building cooler and healthier urban areas, as a way to adapt to climate change.

Professor of Environmental Sciences at the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment of Monash University (Australia) where he supervises his research program on climate, Tapper is one of the main experts in original research, particularly when applied to climate change adaptation in urban environments.
Tapper will also participate to the debate following the screening of the documentary “An inconvenient sequel” by Al Gore, which he worked on as consultant.

“Before the Flood”, another relevant documentary film produced by National Geographic, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, will help contextualize the environmental issues we are experiencing, with the contribution of Marco Cattaneo, director of  National Geographic Italy, who will take part in the discussion following the screening.

Meteorologist Luca Mercalli, Goldman Prize Rossano Ercolini, Pulitzer Prize Daniel Fagin, Ca’ Foscari professors Carlo Barbante, Silvia Burini e Fabio Pranovi will all be amongst the numerous guests of the festival, bringing their presentations on the connection between science and art.

The events of the Festival will take place at many different locations other than Ca’ Foscari, namely the CFZ-Cultural Flow Zone library (Zattere), the Scientifc Campus in Mestre, the Natural History Museum in Venice,  the Ateneo Veneto and the Botanical Garden in Padua.

For the complete program and to reserve a seat for the events, visit  www.festivalfortheearth.com