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'Winter Party' for international students on December 5th

On December 5th, don’t miss the “Winter Party” event, aimed at international students and their buddies. This year, the initiative will feature the WAV – Women Against Violence collective. WAV sees the participation of artists like Eva Poles (formerly Prozac+) and Romina Salvadori  (formerly Estasia), women who are actively engaged in raising awareness on the topic, through a live unplugged tour and the recording of an album for Cabezon Records.
The Winter Party will open with this live “lesson-concert”, starting at 4.00 p.m. in the Santa Margherita Auditorium. At 5:30 p.m., the party will move to Ca’ Foscari main building for an aperitif. The event is free entry.

“WAV came to life thanks to the collaboration between the “OttoEventi” cultural association and the Centro Donna Padova Auser” - explained Bruno “Mantra” Giraldin, WAV’s art director - “the mission of the project is to spread hope, harmony and beauty trough music and art for Women, especially those who have been victims of violence. The goal is to make people think and become aware of a real, tangible and widespread problem. But we also need a proactive attitude, words do matter but solutions are made of acts.“

“Last year, we launched a series of live concerts, with the participation of Arcana Opera and their concept album on travelling, a topic which is near and dear to international students. This year, the event will also have this “social” message: international students already have numerous opportunities to meet with the Erasmus Students Network. We wanted to leave a big mark, something they cannot forget about their study experience in Venice. This only adds value to the already top-notch live concert” added Elisa Gamba, Head of Welcome Unit who, together with Ketti Borille, supervised the whole event. “The tracklist will also be translated into 15 different languages”.  The appearance fee for WAV will be donated entirely to Centro Donna Padova Auser, a center for victims of violence and stalking.

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