Ca' Foscari's fundraising campaign for Venice

Following the exceptional high tide that flooded Venice in the past few days, Ca' Foscari has had its own damage in some of its sites, but the whole city is now on its knees, with homes, businesses, libraries, bookshops severely damaged, monuments soaked in salty waters, boarding stations destroyed, boats sunk. . .

We have always been in Venice with our community, and on this emergency we think it is important to be proactive in supporting the city and its residents. We have thus decided to launch a fundraising campaign - EMERGENCY VENICE - through our fundraising platform.  It takes just a few minutes to donate, at the following link:
https://supportacafoscari.<wbr /><wbr />donation. 
Please contribute to the campaign and help us share it with your contacts. In just one day we have raised over 18 thousand euros, but with everyone's help we can do much more.

On a related, and just as important note, I believe you also have come to know that San Servolo, home of our International College, has suffered important damage. Thanks to the initiative of a group of college students, a second campaign - SOS International College  - has been launched to support the repair of the damage. Here the link for the donation:
https://supportacafoscari.<wbr /><wbr />internazionale/~mia-donazione

Thanks to all for what you will be able to do, even a small gesture means a lot!