The Ca' Foscari International College for the a.y. 2019/2020 offers 8 places to Masters' Degree students. Preference will be given to students already enrolled in the College and to the two best ranked international students of the May selection.
4 places are fully subsidised, 4 are partially subsidised on the College fee.
All graduate students must pay the regional tax, stamp duty and the annual registration fee.

Admission criteria

Graduate students from the College, Italian or international graduate students with a final mark of 100/110 (or equivalent) of their diploma (either Italian or international) who are not 26 years old yet.
Ca' Foscari graduate students who will graduate in the 2019 summer or autumn exam session are also admitted, on condition that they meet the required ECTS and average mark as per the call for applications.

Please check admission criteria and other requirements on the call carefully.

Students must have a very good knowledge of English (B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference); International students are also required to have a knowledge of Italian at B2 level, except for those enrolling in a English taught Masters' Degree course.
In addition to their academic transcript and a CV, all students must submit a motivation letter written in English (200-400 words), outlining their reasons for wanting to enter or remain in the College.


May pre-selection

  • 27th May 12 AM (noon - Italian time): Deadline application 
  • 29th May: Interviews
  • 4th June: Results
  • 13th June: Places acceptance

July selection

  • 8th July: Deadline application
  • 10th July: Interviews start
  • 16th July: Results
  • 25th July: Places and voucher acceptance

International students must also complete the compulsory pre-evalution procedure to get access to Ca' Foscari University Master's Degree programmes.

Calls and forms


Evaluation of the student’s application.
An interview in English aimed at verifying the student’s motivation (students already enrolled at the College are not required to be interviewed).
International students must also complete the online pre-evaluation procedure required for all degree programmes at Ca’ Foscari.
Skype Interviews may be organised on demand.

Scholarships and fee reductions

The total annual cost for each graduate student is EUR 10.000,00 (9.000,00 enrolment fees and 1.000,00 registration fee) and covers enrolment in the University’s regular courses, the additional activities and tutoring at the College, as well as accommodation on the San Servolo campus.

Students admitted to the College receive full or partial scholarships which come in the form of “vouchers”.
Offered for the 2019-20 academic year are:

  • Vouchers of EUR 9.000,00 for total enrolment fee reduction
  • Vouchers of EUR 6.500,00 for partial enrolment fee reduction

All graduate students must pay the annual registration fee of EUR 1.000,00, the regional tax and stamp duty.

For students in their first undergraduate year in 2019/2020 a.y.: Ca' Foscari International College offers 7 full scholarships (reductions) in the form of vouchers for the total cost of fees, and 3 partial scholarships for a reduction of 70%. All students must pay the regional tax and stamp duty.

For the 2019/2020 a.y. there will be one call for applications divided into two different selections:

  • a pre-admission selection in April 2019, reserved to international students: students holding an international high school title or in their way to achieve it at the end of the 2018/19 scholastic year, or holding an International Baccalaureate-IB title. The first and second best ranked will have priority on the final ranking and the possibility to enrol immediately at the College
  • a selection in May 2019, for Italian students and international students who did not apply for the pre-admission in April.

The College reserves the right to scroll down the final ranking of eligible students in there are places still available.

Admission criteria

Students must have a GPA (Grade Point Average) equal or superior to 7.5/10 (or the equivalent for international students) in their third-to-last and second-to-last years of high school;

Students must submit a letter of motivation in English (between 200 and 400 words) that outlines: their aims (what I want to achieve); their expectations (what additional experiences can the College offer me); their attitude (why I think I am a good candidate); a personal experience that demonstrates that their attitude makes them good candidates for the College.

Students must have very good knowledge of English (B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference); international students must also know Italian at level B2 unless they are enrolling in a degree taught entirely in English.


April 2019 pre-admission

reserved to international students

  • 8th April: Deadline to apply
  • 10th April: Written Exam (remote procedure)
  • 11th April: Interviews (via skype calls)
  • 16th April: Eligible candidates list
  • 23rd April: Acceptation Deadline

May 2019 selection

for Italian students  and for international students who did not apply to the pre-admission evaluation

  • 2nd May: Deadline to apply
  • 7th May 9.00 AM: written test at the Economic Campus (San Giobbe, Aula Magna Cazzavillan)
  • 9th May: interviews at the Economic Campus (San Giobbe, Meeting Room 3)
  • 14th May: final ranking
  • 24th May: acceptation deadline

Calls and forms

Assessment for pre-admission and admission

As outlined in the Call for applications (see attachments), the assessment consists of: a written exam on general culture and an interview aimed at verifying the students’ motivation, their logical and language skills and text comprehension and their general educational level. Their CV will also be evaluated, including their high school exam scores.
International students (both EU and non EU) and Italian students abroad for a study/working period can be assessed remotely on demand (as per the Call for applications).

Scholarships and fee reductions

Students admitted to the College normally receive full or partial scholarships which come in the form of “voucher”, that is  a reduction to the ordinary College fee.

The total annual cost for each undergraduate student is EUR 9,000 and covers enrolment in the University's regular courses, the additional activities, lessons and tutoring at the College, as well as accommodation on the San Servolo campus.
Meals, travels, books and any further expenses are not covered by the College fee. 

For the 2019/20 a.y. are offered:

  • 7 vouchers of EUR 9,000 for full scholarships;
  • 3 vouchers of EUR 6,500 for partial fee reduction.

Students who took the exam for a limited admission Ca' Foscari degree programme will have their contribution reimbursed.

Last update: 13/02/2020