The College

Ca’ Foscari International College is an honours university college funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) so as to provide talented high-achieving students with a specialist education. During the academic year, the students live on the island of San Servolo, an international residential campus located in the Venice lagoon. The two main strengths of the College are its international outlook and its multidisciplinary approach.


Along with the standard courses offered within their degree programme, students engage in a wide variety of cultural activities and interdisciplinary lectures and workshops aimed at providing theoretical knowledge and specific expertise.

The College’s cultural programme is in English, and students are encouraged into adopting an international outlook not only by the environment they live in but also through periods of study and internships carried out abroad.

Thanks to the diverse cultural and disciplinary backgrounds of both its students and its teachers,the College is a lively community and creates a stimulating environment for high-achieving students to excel in study and in research.

Every year the College selects students enrolling in their first year of undergraduate or graduate studies at Ca’ Foscari University, and offers successful applicants a partial or total reduction of their fees.

Students who maintain a standard of excellence in both their regular studies and their cultural programme receive the College Diploma. The Diploma certifies their specialist academic education, one which is formed of a multiplicity of high quality interdisciplinary activities, workshops and lectures that encourage students to be curious, and to approach their studies and the workforce a step above and with an open mind.


Address: San Servolo Island, 30124 Venice  -
: +39 041 276 54 27/28 (San Servolo) - +39 041 234 7990 (Ca' Foscari)

Living on San Servolo

During the academic year students of the College stay on the island of San Servolo, located in Venice’s lagoon, 10 minutes by vaporetto from St. Mark’s Square. The island once hosted a convent and later a hospital, and following its recent restoration has become an important meeting place for study, work, recreation and living, with a beautiful view of Venice from its historical garden.

Students at the College also have the chance to meet teachers and students from Venice International University, a group of universities from all over the world sharing a campus on San Servolo, as well as students and scholars who are visiting for events, conferences and summer schools which span all fields of knowledge.

Available on the island are a restaurant, a bar, a tennis court and a barbecue area. Students can access the island’s wifi and use the shared spaces for meeting and getting to know each other.

San Servolo is connected to the centre of Venice by the number 20 vaporetto. The website and blog “Linea 20”, created and set up by students of the College was in fact named after this vaporetto line.

Last update: 29/01/2020