WATERLINES is a joint project between Ca’ Foscari International College, Fondazione di Venezia and the San Servolo Metropolitan Service of Venice which was born from a willingness to share the three institutions’ various past experiences of residencies on the island, with the idea of creating a new programme that could bring together various artistic expressions, and confirm Venice as being a centre for cultural and artistic production.

The aim of the project is to extend invitations to spend around 4 weeks in Venice to an internationally renowned writer and to other artists involved in diverse artistic expressions, so as to stimulate interaction, fusion, and the possible emergence of shared projects.

The resident artist recounts his or her personal experience during international events open to the public, sharing insights and reflections in to their culture and country of origin; the artists work in contact with the students of the International College, participating in workshops, discussions and seminars on the island of San Servolo. Through their choice of expression – an essay, a story, a poem, a diary, or other form of art – the guests give an account of their living experience in Venice. They also have the opportunity to interact with other local artists and writers, exchanging ideas and experiences, and setting foundations for future collaboration.

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Past resident artists:

Last update: 12/08/2022