Financial aid for high-achieving international students

Given Ca' Foscari's commitment to strengthening the presence of international students and fostering the creation of an ever more global community, the university has been providing targeted financial aid for meritorious international students enrolling in a bachelor's or master's degree taught in either Italian or English since 2016.


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2022/2023 academic year

For high-achieving students enrolling in a bachelor's or master's degree programme in the fall of 2022, Ca' Foscari is offering renewable yearly scholarships that are designed to support them over the entire duration of their degree.

  • For new master's students, Ca' Foscari is offering:

    • 2 Ca' Foscari Academic Excellence Scholarships: 8,500 euro per year for two years (one is for a student enrolling in an English-taught master's degree and the other is for a student enrolling in an Italian-taught master's degree)
    • 28 Ca' Foscari Honours Scholarships: 7,000 euro per year for two years (for students studying in English or Italian)

  • For new bachelor's students enrolling in English- or Italian-taught programmes, Ca' Foscari is offering:

    • 10 Ca' Foscari Honours Scholarships: 6,500 euro per year for three years

  • For Ca' Foscari Foundation Year students enrolling in a bachelor's degree, Ca' Foscari is offering:

    • 3 Ca' Foscari Foundation Scholarships: 6,500 euro per year for three years

Applicants are assigned points based on the following elements of evaluation in order to be situated in the relevant set of rankings:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): this must be equivalent to or higher than 8.5/10 at the time the scholarship application is submitted.
  • Motivational video: this must be prepared according to the indications provided in the call for applications.
  • Reference letter(s): these must be prepared by teachers or professors familiar with the applicant and his/her work. Applicants to bachelor's degrees are permitted to provide one reference letter for evaluation; master's degree applicants must provide at least one letter but are permitted to submit up to two.
  • Language certification: the applicant's knowledge of the language of instruction of his/her chosen programme of study can be demonstrated by providing one of the language certifications accepted by the university.

If you would like to be considered for one of the scholarships, you need to carry out the dedicated application procedure as described in detail in the call for applications, which is available below in either English or Italian.
The deadline to apply depends upon the admission round during which you submitted your application via the online application platform apply.unive.itConsult the call for applications to see which deadline applies to you. 

2021/2022 academic year

For high-achieving students who applied to begin their studies in September 2021, the university offered one-time scholarships of 5,000 euro and renewable tuition fee waivers providing exemption from the payment of university tuition fees. The calls for applications for these two forms of financial aid as well as the rankings assigning them are here below.

Calls and rankings

Last update: 17/05/2022