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Discovering the Internship Projects. Part 7

Read what Digital Management students have been up to during their Internship Project.

During the second semester of the third year, students of the Bachelor's Degree in Digital Management are involved in an Internship Project in companies that are part of the international network of H-FARM and Ca' Foscari University. In the coming weeks, we will share stories of some of the students who are currently undertaking their internship. Today we will read about Luca Mattioli and Claudio Villoresi’s experiences, who are respectively working in Sbs Mobile and De’Longhi.

Luca said: “I’ve always been passionate about the mobile phone sector, and SBS is giving me the opportunity to get to know it better. I’m working on influencer marketing campaigns, experimenting with different methods of selection and engagement, both by myself and collaborating with other colleagues. From the moment I stepped in the door I’ve felt very welcomed, my colleagues are kind and helpful and I get on well with them.”

Claudio told us about his experience at De’Longhi: “I’ve been here for a month and 3 are the things I’m sure of: 1) it’s both an Italian and international brand that has made the history of small domestic appliances 2) it’s constantly evolving 3) there are coffee machines everywhere. My internship experience is within the Digital Team, supported by my tutor Laura. Here I’ve found a close-knit team and the opportunity to express myself and put into practice what I learned in H-FARM. The project that I’m working on focuses on brand values, micro-moments and experiences related to coffee, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. And now excuse me, but I’m going to make myself a coffee.”

See you soon with some new Internship Project stories!