Through the degree program, students will develop skills which are crucial to start their professional journey. Students have access to a dedicated Career Service and a variety of opportunities to support and prepare them to enter the job market.

The services provided are:

  • Career Passport
  • Skills for success
  • Experiential learning
  • Inspirational talks
  • Network
  • Ca' Foscari's Career Service


Students are provided with the Career Passport, a tool that will help them stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs, as it includes all the curriculum enhancing activities they attended to and it translates them into key strengths.


Students attend a series of courses focused on topics such as soft skills and public speaking, they learn how to build a personal learning agenda and attend personal branding sessions. Courses are delivered by professionals and by the recruitment agency Umana, that supports students in entering the job market.

Students must build their professional career since the very first moment they get into the academic environment. To do so, students are provided with the tools they need to develop their skills and competencies through a series of workshops of personal branding & development.

Students will learn how to write an effective CV, to conduct a job interview, but also how to create their digital identity and an effective professional network. Aptitude tests, assessment center and 1 to 1 interviews will also be available to strengthen our students’ self-awareness and persona branding.


Throughout the course students are encouraged to put into practice what they have learnt in class. Activities include:

  • project works delivered as part of the curricular courses
  • meetings with professionals that share their experience, giving students the chance to learn first-hand about the topic studied and the related profession
  • participate in conferences, panel discussions, events and hackatons where students can put into practice their knowledge and access a network of innovative companies and inspiring professionals
  • summer internships with many of the companies part of the H-Farm and Ca’ Foscari network. Students are also required to attend a 6-month internship project during the last semester of their Bachelor’s Degree, on the basis of which they write their own dissertation


The degree program offers a truly unique education experience also thanks to the exciting events students have access to. Events include lectures with internationally renowned professors and inspirational talks from CEOs, entrepreneurs and digital experts from all over the world.


Students have access to a wide network of companies focused on digital innovation and transformation.

  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs and top managers from international companies come and visit the H-CAMPUS every day and the career service ensure to create links between students and the job market
  • Students have the chance to visit nearby innovative companies and discover what opportunities are awaiting them once they graduate
  • H-FARM also provide students with opportunities of collaboration in innovative projects such as Audi Group’s “We Generation”, where 5 students were involved in communicating some key values of the brand. Through a journey enriched by storytelling and interactivity, the students started a reflection on how technology and innovation impact our lives.
  • Companies and start-ups often turn to H-FARM College in order to develop special products together with our students. That is why our students have the chance to deepen the knowledge of special projects and/or products not yet on the market, to work closely with professionals and managers and, last but not least, to be rewarded with special prizes (internship opportunities, access to company’s events, scholarships).


Students have access to Ca’ Foscari’s Career Service, an integrated system of activities, consultancy and orientation services aimed at creating a bridge between the University and the world of work, at both national and international level. Activities include: career desk, seminars, career days, talks with professionals and much more.

Students have also access to H-FARM Career Service, a dedicated office that offers different activities such as career events, inspirational talks, meeting with professionals, workshops and much more. You can get more information at careerservice.edu@h-farm.com