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Faculty positions

The Department hires the best talents through the calls for Faculty [ITA]. Foreign candidates benefit from facilitations and preferential criteria are laid down for candidates with international experience.

Research fellowships

Short-term research fellowships allow Master’s Degree graduates to pursue short-term research (less than 12 months normally) including them in existing projects and research groups.

Research grants

Research grants allow Master’s Degree graduates and PhDs to pursue research activities at the university or in the projects offered to the candidates.

Selections for temporary advisors

Through direct selection for temporary advisors [ITA] candidates can collaborate with Ca' Foscari University of Venice as experts with proven expertise and specialization. Applications are examined by a specific commission on the basis of the education, the resume and/or through an interview.

Specialist and academic tutors

The calls for applications for tutors [ITA] are aimed at students enroled in Master's or PhD Degree programmes and at international incoming students. Tutors support educational activities with courses, seminars, workshops, orientation for the study plan and the final paper, and welcome and assist international students.


The Department of Humanities (DSU) aims to be a center for the innovative development of relations between different sectors of the humanities area, each characterized by their own traditions of study, sharing research themes and methodologies, but also a common interest in conserving and enhancing the multiform cultural heritage on which the specific research focuses.

The Department’s research and teaching activities cover a wide range of topics in the fields of History, Archaeology and History of Art, Classics, Mediaeval Latin, Romance and Byzantine Studies, Italian Studies, Linguistics, History of Religion and Geography. Internships, training, workshops and archaeological digs enhance the academic offer, thence giving students the opportunity to acquire skills that will be useful in developing careers in the related fields.

In addition, many Erasmus exchanges are active with leading European universities. Several scholarships for foreign students, or for visiting students, are offered by the Department.

The participation in number of national and international research projects, as well as the latest 2017 survey by the Italian National Agency for Evaluating the University and Research Systems (ANVUR), rewarded the excellence in research leaded by the DSU, involving not only Italy and Europe, but also the Mediterranean and the Near East with field studies and archeological missions.

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Opening hours

In compliance with the Covid-19 prevention measures issued by the Italian Government, all study rooms will remain closed for now. Faculty office hours and front office appointments will be carried out remotely.


Since 2010 Ca’ Foscari commits to sustainability through the programme Sustainable Ca' Foscari and in September 2014 the Sustainable Campus project was launched to promote and develop sustainable actions and projects in all the university seats.

Among the many initiatives and events, the Department of Humanities organizes each year the Bookcrossing: for a few weeks anyone can give and take books free of charge, participating to a virtuous circle based on re-use of resources and knowledge sharing. In addition, an exchange post is available daily at the ground floor of Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà: thousand of books, essays and magazines have been exchanged since the creation of the BookCrossing, and many are still waiting to be released and to travel as memory and knowledge bearers.

2017 sustainability events:

Furthermore, DSU students can acquire Sustainability Competencies: voluntary based activities dedicated to economic, social or environmental sustainability. The student must discuss with the contact professor of the involved Department to identify an activity, such as courses, workshops, interviews, research..., and the nature of its final proposal. Once the activity carried out and the final proposal approved, the teacher will register 1 extracurrricular CFU in the student’s plan of study.