Public engagement

Consultancy, applied research and training

The Department of Humanities is active nationally and internationally, providing the knowledge and experience of its lecturers and researchers.

Department delegate for public engagement: Carlo Beltrame

The Department offers support for scientific research and for research applied to the teaching of humanistic and linguistic disciplines, for developing new strategies and methodologies of research and archiving and for the creation of training programs and the implementation of activities for the dissemination of culture in cooperation with public and private bodies.

Research and archaeological digs

Archaeological digs in Italy and abroad with the most advanced strategies and research methods are unique field training opportunities for students and researchers.
The missions are established under national and international agreements. Private and public institutions may avail of the support of faculty, laboratories and skills from the Department to promote research missions, archival and training programmes and material studies.

Companies, institutions, associations

The Department can provide an overview of its initiatives, possibilities and solutions that are best suited: to companies interested in new soft skills and in acquiring new tools for communicating about themselves, to institutions and individuals for scientific and communication collaborations and for projects in the local community. Our historians, writers and linguists have the tools to analyze the accounts and to reconstruct the "stories" that are behind, and within, the commercial, economic, artistic, literary and cultural enterprises, linking them to contemporary reality.


Cultural events and activities in the local community

The Department produces over 250 non-profit cultural and scientific initiatives each year, creating value for education and for the development of companies. They occur at the Ca' Foscari offices or at other institutions and are intended for a wider public and not exclusively for students. Examples include archaeological excavations open to the public, initiatives to raise awareness about sustainability and also the enhancement, consultation and sharing of research, exhibitions, or participation in major University events such as Incroci di Civiltà, VenetoNight  [ITA]ClassiciContro [ITA] and Incontri di Poesia. These initiatives represent the visible sign of the social role that the Department plays within the local community.



School for the future

The school is the nursery of the future, for this reason the Department of Humanities has established close relations with schools in the Region and has initiated contacts with other schools throughout the country, in a relationship of mutual updating that is necessary for the multicultural society of the third millennium. In addition to projects that alternate school and work, the Department also activates specific initiatives with schools and is a center for official certifications of modern Greek.

Continuous training

In addition to individual excavations and archaeological and epigraphic workshops proposed to students, graduates and professionals including to those outside Ca 'Foscari, some teachers from the Department have offered to implement MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses, active on the EduOpen platform.
Training activities and continuing education for archivists and librarians are active. They are in partnership with local institutions, and training activities, qualifying examination and its update are available for teachers.