Buddy programmes

Buddy programmes are a useful support and an important opportunity for an intercultural and linguistic exchange both for international and Ca' Foscari students.

Enjoy Ca' Foscari's Buddy Programme!

This programme is a useful support for international students visiting Venice and an interesting opportunity for Ca’ Foscari students, who can meet other people from Europe and from all over the world.


Welcome Unit
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Aims of the Buddy Programme

Ca' Foscari Buddy Programme aims to give international students arriving in Venice a friendly, warm welcome and a point of reference while in Venice. Through this programme Ca’ Foscari University intends:

  • to make the university experience more interesting and stimulating for Italian and international students alike
  • to facilitate university, social and cultural integration of international students upon their arrival and throughout their stay in Venice
  • to encourage intercultural and linguistic exchange

Who is a Buddy?

A Buddy is a Ca’ Foscari student who acts as a mentor to an international student, devoting his/her free-time to facilitate integration into university life.

The Buddy helps the international student arriving in Venice to become familiar with university courses, with the various locations and services the university provides and with city life and its cultural environment. The Buddy can answer all kinds of questions regarding the university (classes, teachers, libraries, holidays, etc.), accommodation (lodging, rent, etc.), the city of Venice (public transports, sports facilities, nightlife, etc.), Italy (travelling, interesting sites, etc.). The Buddy can also help the incoming student with the registration at the International Relations Office and assist as an interpreter in case of need.

How does the international student find a Buddy?

In order to find a Buddy the international student:

  • should browse the database listing Ca’ Foscari students who have joined in the Buddy Programme, sent by the Welcome Unit;
  • after selecting a candidate, should contact the potential Buddy via e-mail specifying the period of stay in order to arrange the first meeting.

If, for any reason, the international student could not contact the Buddy before his/her arrival, he/she will have the chance to meet potential Buddies at the International Welcome Days or in occasion of the cultural events organised throughout the year.

How does the Ca’ Foscari student become a Buddy?

The requirements to become a Buddy are:

  • be currently enrolled at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, from the 2nd year on;
  • have free-time available, depending on commitments and personal interests;
  • knowledge of Venice and the university.

Ca’ Foscari students interested in becoming a Buddy shall complete the online form. Information provided in these forms will be sent to all the international incoming students.

Ca’ Foscari students will be contacted directly by the international student even before his/her arrival in Venice. Moreover, all the Buddies are invited to participate in the International Welcome Days and all the cultural events for international students organised throughout the year.


  • April 30th – availability for the first semester or the whole academic year (activities from September; compulsory meeting in May);
  • October 30th - availability for the second semester (activities from January of the next year; compulsory meeting in November).

For over forty years the History and Art History Departments of the University of Warwick have sent groups of undergraduate and graduate students to Venice every autumn term (October-December) as part of their studies.

The University of Warwick in Venice is housed in Palazzo Pesaro-Papafava, which is situated in the very heart of Venice, a few minute’s walk from the train station.

Ca’ Foscari University has close links with Warwick, thanks to a buddy scheme which teams Warwick and Ca’ Foscari students.


Welcome Unit 
Tel +39 041 234 7572

Special Buddy is a Ca’ Foscari student who devotes his/her free-time to facilitate Warwick students’ integration into the city life. A Buddy can answer all kinds of questions regarding Venice or Italy and he/she can show the international students around the city. During the first week, all the Buddies are invited to the welcome meeting organised for the incoming English students at Palazzo Pesaro-Papafava. Furthermore, a Buddy can join in the scheduled seminars and conferences.

The students who want to become a Buddy have to fill in the online application form by August 30th. An intermediate level of English language knowledge (at least B2) is highly recommended.

Students coming from the University of Warwick can find a Special Buddy by browsing the dedicated database which collects names, contacts and interests of Ca' Foscari available students. Once they have chosen a Buddy, they can contact him/her by e-mail to arrange the first meeting.

Moreover, Ca’ Foscari students can join in the Warwick Venice Term to attend a course at the Venetian seat of the University of Warwick as exchange students.

This programme is a useful support for Ca’ Foscari students nominated for an international programme, and an interesting opportunity for the international students, who can meet Ca’ Foscari students in their hometown.

Who is a Buddy Abroad?
A Buddy Abroad is an international student who has been at Ca’ Foscari University in the framework of an international programme. In his/her hometown or university, the Buddy Abroad acts as a mentor to an outgoing mobility student from Ca’ Foscari, devoting his/her free time to help this student integrate into university and city life.


Welcome Unit
Tel. +39 041 234 7572

How does the incoming student become a BuddyAbroad?
In order to become a Buddy Abroad, the incoming student shall fill in an application form to be requested to the International Relations Office - Welcome Unit before his/her departure from Venice.

The data will be stored in a database and forwarded to Ca’ Foscari students who have been nominated for a mobility period abroad. Ca’ Foscari outgoing students can contact the Buddy Abroad even before their arrival at the host institution/city.

The participation to the programme can be cancelled at any time by sending an e-mail to  buddy@unive.it.

How does a Ca’ Foscari student find a Buddy Abroad?
The staff of the Welcome Unit will provide Ca’ Foscari outgoing students with the contacts of the Buddies Abroad of the host institution/city, according to their availability.

Summer Buddy is a student of Ca’ Foscari, who welcomes and supports International students participating in the summer cultural programmes organised by the SIE.
The Summer Buddy’s role is to facilitate the international student’s integration in Venice socially and culturally, so as to enrich the intercultural aspects of his/her experience in Venice.

You can participate as a Summer Buddy in the activities of the cultural programmes taking place throughout June and July. In particular:

In order to become a Summer Buddy you should fill in the online form within June 12th, 2017.

The Marco Polo Buddy is a student of Ca’ Foscari University dealing with the Chinese students, who participate in the Italian language course, organized by the SIE, in the frame of the Marco Polo/Turandot Programme! The Marco Polo Buddy’s role is to facilitate the Chinese students’ integration in Venice both socially and culturally.

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A Marco Polo Buddy offers individual support to a Chinese student, for instance responding to  questions about life in Venice; giving them a tour of the city; showing him/her where the University buildings are located; etc…

Furthermore, a Marco Polo Buddy collaborates and participates in welcoming events and in extra-curricular initiatives, organized for Marco Polo/Turandot students during the academic year.

If you study or are interested in the Chinese culture and language, do not miss the opportunity to meet your Chinese peers and live an international experience in Venice!

A basic knowledge of Chinese language is not obligatory, but highly recommended. 

To become a Marco Polo Buddy from November 2017 to March 2018,  it is sufficient to fill out the online form available in your personal area within the 31st October

Last update: 14/03/2018