Tutoring service

The tutoring service guides and supports students enroled at Ca’ Foscari throughout their studies, responding to their orientation needs, and providing them with information and support.

The service also organizes events and seminars to facilitate active participation to university life and improve the conditions and quality of learning.

Ask the tutors

Tutors are senior students who share their university experience with other students.

How do I become a Tutor

Any student registered at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice may become part of the Tutoring Service depending on the requirements indicated in the calls published throughout the academic year.

Being a tutor will enrich your experience at university and help you develop skills and know-how useful in the labor market.

Discover all the opportunities to become a tutor yourself [ITA].

Tutors for International Students

The Welcome Unit offers a dedicated tutoring service for international students, in order to help them become familiar with the university and the surrounding city and overcome any obstacles you may encounter in your initial dealings with Ca' Foscari.

How to get in touch with the tutors?

You can get in touch with your tutor at any time during your stay in Venice by sending an email to   welcome@unive.it.

What can you ask the tutors?

Tutors provide information about:

  • the Italian university system and Ca' Foscari, about the way the study courses are organised, about ECTS (CFUs)
  • Ca' Foscari facilities and services available for the students: where to find departments, offices, libraries, refectories or how to get access to these services
  • administrative procedures: enrolment periods and procedures, financial benefits, certificates, Tax code application
  • living in Venice: health care, getting around in Venice

Information Tutors for enroled students

Information Tutors offer information regarding: enrolment, bureaucratic procedures and deadlines, courses, exams and professors, canceled courses and how to take exams if enroled in a canceled course, plan of study (deadlines and the possibility to make changes), support in designing the plan of study

Specialist and educational tutors

These tutors assist students in their academic experience and support in workshops, manage academic activities such as courses or trainings. You can find more information on the dedicated page [ITA].

Tutors for students with disabilities and/or learning disabilities

These tutors are coordinated by the Disabled Students Service. They provide students with disabilities and/or learning disabilities with the requested services. To request assistance, support for studies or any specific tutoring service, you must contact the Disabled Students Service directly.

Online tutor

These tutors aim at stimulating student’s education and engage their participation in online academic activities. They support students with issues regarding the e-learning courses and supervise the courses.

E-learning courses have a dedicated Moodle platform. You can contact the online tutor by email, on live chat and/or on the forum. For additional information, please contact the Online Educational Programmes Office.

Last update: 25/05/2020